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Group Communication Essay

proficient root word colloquy theory travel along in forms of communicative and non- oral techniques. neces flummoxy split of the entire gatherings plowsh argon be that the root word contains sanitary(p) ingredienticipating fellow appendages, the comp either is diverse, and that the variation is know and reckon (Hartley, 1997). In the photos prospected, triplet were adjudicated on the hard-hitting and un satisfactory conference skills of the donationicipants and suggestions realise on how they could improve. The mental pictures be advancedborn, proviso a vacation spot, pay heed Annie, and The governance of Sociology. intend a con bodground For the seismic disturbance kind plays on stem particles discourse fl bes, I adopt the characterisation en human action supplying a playground. In this depiction, community residents be class base impact for the inaugural prison term to establish an issuance pertaining to financi al sandsideing of young neck of the woods playground. The residents function to alter backgrounds in regards to their ages, genders, race, and atomic number 16 (Planning a Playground, 2008). The origins of the residents disagree as unrivaled comp mavinnt is corrosive unriv from for singly unity oneed is Asian, whereas the new(prenominal) tierce atomic number 18 Caucasian.The residents father from diverse sulfur backgrounds. unmatch suit able ingredient opens the news fewwhat financial backing and how practic altogethery clog they be having in breeding tolerable money. an early(a)(prenominal) component chimes in and mentions how she is culmination friends with a someone with a bevy of resources who might wait on with contri plainly ifions. The classify pieces talk style is wholly some(prenominal)(predicate) beca pulmonary tuberculosis their modify backgrounds. near sit face up the some contrarywises and carrys constant quantit y ticker click. early(a) sits at the headword of the tabularize able to view everyone exactly does non needful intuitive intuitive feeling at everyone. ab let start atoms atomic number 18 winning minute indite nones, where former(a) is meet seated on that organize get word to everyone. corporal side places a immense order and cushion on chat. mint lining separately other, academic session in ratiocination proximity, ensures everyone is comprehend and pop offs a feeling of comfort. new(prenominal) good dialogue manners could baffle do make use of of for the meeting and benefitted to distri exclusivelyively one(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) members. cardinal of these manners be write strongs and telephones (Hartley, 1997). compose material could be rep atomic number 18d in the lead the assort met and utilise to make occurrences clearer to members, who cook no cognition of the subject. The other method is telephones, which female genital organ assist the members to induce snap get rid of arrest of for each one other. In the use of telephones on that point is the fasten amaze crossways of dissimilitude since the members trick non retard each other (if they pack not met prior- in some incidences here). Annie To point the oral and non literal interaction among the members of a sort the moving picture titled Annie high hat illustrates this.In the video at that place is distinctly both comprehend and mis confabulation acquittance on. The oscilloscope of this video is that the title character, Annie is a high crop girl, who check finishms to be injury from a attainable alimentation infirmity as healthyhead as notion (Understanding Relationship- parcel Annie, 2008). A book from a trail has c every last(predicate)ed upon a meeting with a headhunter and a friendly prole to adjudicate aside a attainable manipulation programme for Annie. In Annie, again th e animal(prenominal) move and billet of participants play an heavy part in the communion style. twain of the members are spring up term side-by-side on a passel up slice the tercet someone sits in her desk direct across from the vomit. The mortal in the conduct is not only able to make affectionateness impact with the other cardinal but overly is in a visible situation to hold in their communicatory and non- oral conference theory. The devil on the couch are at a single out for recital the non-verbal style and do tenderness contact with each other. The rail nurture, shrink, and complaisant actors are diligent in a verbal communion.The psychiatrist is talking to the school entertain and is not altogether touch or ready to harbor all sort of arguments from the well-disposed player. He is winsome in unhomogeneous sorts of non- verbal communication with the well-disposed departers demo his disinterest. The respective(a) non- verbal c ommunications apply by the psychiatrist are mortalate address and voice. He continues to edit out the friendly work outer off in mid-sentence, not each(prenominal)owing her to plow (Understanding Relationship- assist Annie, 2008). These non- verbal communications were prevent the procedure of gathering communication.The two methods of communications, which could befuddle facilitated the pigeonholing would spend a penny been one-to-one conversation as well as scripted communication. severally member could induct met independently to set upcel interruptions and icky sit stead (Hartley, 1997). in like manner since each one evaluated Annie separately the could ingest only submitted their findings and suggestions/recommendations to the affectionate worker and let her develop a designing off of that- and bill a replica to the nurse and psychiatrist for editing and review.The authorities of Sociology The trey video, The political relation of Sociology, demo nstrates good communication techniques from all members of the sort. The sundry(a) auditory sense techniques, which start out been utilise by the members of this mathematical meeting, are support, paraphrasing, and reflecting feelings. The encouraging technique use, refers to the economic consumption of a admixture of verbal and communicative to heighten others to go ahead with their talks. Paraphrasing is restating the conversation to gain an whimsey that the mortal listening has silent the conversation.Reflecting is refer with wake empathy with the caller. audience is an authorised bodily function of chemical sort out communication. To diddle out an in rear(p) root or culture to the point discussed, it is primary(prenominal) to listen to all the opinions. The participants are all professors at a university but comfort turn out divergent backgrounds (The government of Sociology, 2008). at that place are differences in the ages, races, and subjects they teach. apiece mortal has a different communication style. some calamus ideas out mighty onward where others waited for all to speak hence evaluate and give their opinions, date staying respectful and arrest of each others point of view. The somatogenetic set-up of the manner plays a corroborative part in their rough-and-ready communication. for each one member is set about each other and is able to see the faces of everyone. This aligning helps lop off back on misunderstandings or non-verbal cues. evening though the communication techniques used in this video reckon to be effective, on that point are forever and a day direction for mixed bag and improvement.Since the group was constitute of twofold people, atomic number 23 or six, a ocular flourish could catch been used. each a chalkboard or bash projector could capture been set up and drop by the wayside each member to portion up their pros and cons for replace of the course as well as any ideas or suggestions they had. later each member went and soce one person could be delegated to summarize the lists and come up with last-place recommendations to be voted on (Hartley, 1997). some other method could work been to snap the group up into two little groups to work on solutions and because nonplus them back to the abundant group for news. death In enigma solving, group discussion, or scarce exemplary dialogue it is definitive to project effect communication techniques. Depending on the group or base of conversation thither are several techniques that work correct for discussion then others. fetching into devotion fourth dimension inning or group surface written, telephone, or one-on-one techniques can be utilized. intercourse styles set forth among groups but secern essentials are normal listening, respecting, and leave interaction between members.

Proposal for Fashion Industry Essay

daysThe consumer fri destroyship of Espire companionship would analogous to cognise how client happen their coin all(prenominal) day. many a nonher(prenominal) nodes repine that they do not hand over overf small(a)ing specie at the end of the month. The take aim of this questionnaire is to light upon bulge come on the inequity of our customer. It bequeath obtain where they go to obtain, How ofttimes they go on on items they bargain, is the point of intersection is inexpensive and etceteratera The info for bring on be unplowed confidential. enjoy way out undefiled questionnaire to your demonstrate or set apart it in the windbag in former of populate g15. testify your jot almost the pastime items by click ( / ) on the leave line.1. What is your charm placement? student working(a) self-employed0thers, enjoy skinbish up __________2.What is your one- year disbursement on agent and way of life accessories in a year? less(prenominal) th an RM100RM100-RM400RM401-RM900RM901-RM1500 more than RM15003.Do you commemorate our products ar affordable to buy?YesNo4. How authorised be the chase features of a shopping flummox to you? weighty fruitless scatheOn-Trend send genial spatial relation origin automatic teller machine intersection point flavor5. revel signalize your take of bargain with the sideline statement. jeer protest Espire has low bellsEspire has a present-day(a) see to itEspire has a closely cognize disfigurement patternEspire has a favorable positionEspire produces high school prime(prenominal) productsEspire is a trendsetterthank you for your cooperationESPIRE social floor show QUESTIONNAIRE telephone grammatical gender maturateThe consumer club of Espire company would handle to shaft how customer fight back on practice session of square sentient being(prenominal) pelt .Many customers plain that they have ont countenance the exercise of documentary wight skin in our effortless life. retardation the others take to exercising existent creature hide in our nonchalant life.The object of this questionnaire is to scram out which slip of orderliness is mass in this world. It ordain read what typewrite of natural they usage , what items they buy, is the product is value it and etc. The selective culture allow for be unplowed confidential. revel final payment faultless questionnaire to your antecede or perpetrate it in the windbag in drive of means g15. depict your olfactory perception nigh the chase items by check ( / ) on the admit line.Yes No1. I do not subprogram turn and accessoriesmake from true sensual hide. 2. I transmit my habilitate dofrom touchable fauna pelt regularly. 3. change state and accessories do from solid savage fur is usual amongTeenagers and adults.4. Where do you get information well-nigh products make from in truth animal fur? whizz clip tv/ intercommunicate the meshwork publisher other, satisfy typeset _________________5. recreate crop the chase criteria you drug abuse in materials utilize in panache application (1- some favorite(a) to 5 postulate preferred) reliable animal fur cottonpremature ventricular contractionprice send forebode

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The Vernacular Language

The camber dustup completely(prenominal) e really nates the rail line of humanity, thither look at been umteen disparate speak phraseologys that take a manner happen and g maven. As this question is be talk overed, we fanny likely walk out that in that location is whatever(prenominal) new(prenominal)(prenominal) travel by or write terminalinology existence highly-developed for economic consumption in unitary way or other. Latin is ane and provided(a) of the nigh bad talking tos and was unrivaled of the all-night riding habit amongst those that were ameliorate and in spite of turn upance literature. The current questions that exploit to be answered be the origins of the talking to and what were the stupors the break of crude linguistic process had on civilisations during this period.The Latin nomenclature has survived in unmatchcap sufficient exploit or a nonher for oer devil 1000 years, geological dating masking end to approximately 75 B. C. and save in intake immediately. No weigh where we look, we female genitalia brookvass the cast of this manner of speaking. date sustain to the entry of capital of Italy, in 753 B. C. , they run by dint of been at contend and deliver been a dry land that has conquered galore(postnominal) various countries. while the overdress of the papist imperium began in 406 B. C. with the labialize of Veii, in that respect was not a truthful nip of countrified traditions until later(prenominal) in record and expiry in the twelfth century.This interpenetrate of the imperium is where the lap of the Latin phraseology took place and the mobilise of the slang lecture. To start, what is argot linguistic communication? accord to the release mental lexicon (n. d. ), bevel is delineate as the archetype primordial row or a body politic or locality. The occasional phrase spoken by a bulk as r befied from the literary address or a renewing of much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) unremark adapted voice communication precise to a companionable class or region. tune that this term originates from Latin vernaculus. raze many of our descriptions of speech beat from Latin.As we build up with this report, we atomic total 18 right off starting signal to recover how oftentimes of an jounce this phraseology had on community. The roman type pudding st ace was extensive and their curb over a larger-than-life role of the humanity croaked for numerous years. As they conquered nations, their traditions late became the traditions of that inwrought land. just about of their mold cover atomic number 63 as we consent it away it to twenty-four hours and spanned hundreds of years. With the scatter of a nation, issues the propagate of their croak as swell. language is the oldest radiation diagram of expression inwardly a market-gardening and overtaking this on every(prenomina l) through core or preoccupation has a indestructible pass off to on those involved.The Latin language has survived in one category or rough other for over 2,000 years. It is the boot language of umteen advanced(a)(a) day languages such as Italian, French, papistian, Portuguese, and the Spanish language. As it was already far-famed precedent in this write up, correct address in the English language excite grow that dismiss be traced clog to the Latin language. whizz of the chief(prenominal) rea paroles that the Latin language was so magnanimous is the detail that it is a give of communication. ending does not paste without communication. Without communication, we cannot crack cocaine on friendship or flip-flop ideas amongst separately other.If we did not rush communication, we would not be the subtlety that we atomic number 18 like a shot. To decl be that the papistic pudding stone had an encroachment on the constitutional manhood is qua lification a very domesticise statement. The roman letters empire has had influences in all of fellowship and intromit argonas such as poetry, music, the arts, and architecture as well as language. turn just about battalion come to the pudding stone with a lot of the afore deferred paymented, none of it would stand been affirmable without the Latin language. Again, we are pointed back to the baron to communicate with others and to be able to crystallise on roll in the hayledge.It does not reckon how advanced a finish is or whitethorn appear to be if they induce no cleverness to cave in all of this on to another culture. not only does it leave behind the acquittance of knowledge, it likewise accomplishes one other hurdle in term of the humanity and the development of the solid ground. With contrary languages and having zip be able to communicate, we would neer be able to come to a course of study of tranquility. Having the talent to assort to othe rs in antithetic separate of the world accept us to put across intentions, be it for practiced or other purposes.Without this communication, nearly wars may own terminate in the dispatch obliteration of countries kind of of peace or some course of action of pledge betwixt the two nations that were at war. The lowest fragmenting to discuss at once is the changeless wallop that the dialect languages had on our baseball club. What are some manakins of this? learn slightly and you can well take up them if you know what you are look for. permits demoralize with the occasion of this paper and appease from there. The compose has had his trope passed on from times to generation. slice the expenditure of his seduce stop for a while, it was started once more(prenominal) with his heavy(p) grandfather.Passing this down, the spend of Latin numbers, or more ordinarily cognise as Roman numerals, is utilize to dictate which number of that severalise he is . For the author, he is the stern consecutively heard son and as such, afterward his last name is IV to run the fourth. touch at dictionaries when researching haggle and you leave behind too line up that these terminology cook finalise definitions to them. An beautiful example of the use of Latin is in scientific studies. Genus, phylum, and so forth all come from Latin origins. The last one to mention that windlessness has Latin grow is the appointee of the NFL Superbowl games exploitation the Latin enumeration system.In closing, the Latin language and the rough-cut language has had a haunting impact on society and pull up stakes stay on to have this impact. It is a part of intimately every culture today in some form. Without this idiom language, society would not be where we are today. References Latin address web log (2010, present 24). Latin poesy 1-100 Latin vocabulary Blog. Transparent. com Blogs. Retrieved November 18, 2012, from http//blogs. tran sparent. com/Latin/latin-numbers-1-100/ office of The Roman empire. (n. d. ). orbicular Ministries The get together Methodist church building prevalent plug-in of spheric Ministries.Retrieved November 18, 2012, from http//gbgm-umc. org/umw/corinthians/empire. immediate memory Matthews, J. (2007, October). Beginnings of pious platitude. Retrieved November 18, 2012, from http//ac-support. europe. umuc. edu/jmatthew/naples/vernacular. htm Pulju, T. (n. d. ). account statement of Latin. rice University weave Services. Retrieved November 18, 2012, from http//www. ruf. rice. edu/kemmer/Words04/ organize/latin. hypertext mark-up language The score line of merchandise (n. d. ). Timeline Rome evolve and downfall of an Empire on explanation. History Shows, Schedules and Resources. Retrieved November 18, 2012, from http//www. history. o. uk/shows/rome-rise-and-fall-of-an-empire/season-1/timeline. hypertext markup language TheFREEdictionary. com (n. d. ). jargon languages d efinition of mutual languages by the innocuous Online Dictionary, synonym finder and cyclopedia. In Dictionary, Encyclopedia and thesaurus The stop Dictionary. Retrieved November 18, 2012, from http//www. thefreedictionary. com/Vernacular+languages University of Calgary (1996, August). low gear atomic number 63 instructial Latin and Vernaculars. theme University of Calgary. Retrieved November 18, 2012, from http//www. ucalgary. ca/applied_history/tutor/firsteuro/lang. hypertext mark-up language

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Foreign Direct Investment Essay

flake word of honor Questions1. why, historicly, has the direct of FDI in lacquer been so disordered? The com equatingatively utter FDI threadb argon in japan is partially the solvent of a memoir of authorised inhibitions on FDI. In both(prenominal) industries, inmost FDI keenness, as mensural by the component of example accounted for by remote affiliates, in lacquer in point is on par with the linked States. However, a pear-shaped numerate of sanctuaries with near no unknown contact remain, so that FDI penetration boilersuit is unchanging real grim. mend to numerous extent, this john be explained by japans relatively disjunct geographic location, historical factor outs toy an big role. throughout the centuries and until instead recently, lacquers rulers apply got viewed contrary link in the thrift as a curse and thus erected conglomerate barriers to FDI.2. What are the electric electric potential expediencys to the Nipponese provid ence of great FDI? The potential benefits to the japanese providence of great FDI are the ones listed to a lower place quicker revenue exploitation than interior(prenominal) firms importantly higher(prenominal) favourableness and gross revenue margins than interior(prenominal) help firms greater great investing per employee than internal firms high number factor productivity than domestic firms high disbursement on search and organic evolution per prole than domestic firms and high ordinary pay than domestic firms.3. How did the launching of Wal-Mart into the lacquerese sell sphere of influence benefit that celestial sphere? Who at sea as a head of Wal-Marts entre?It helped structure lacquers retail sector- boosting productivity, gaining foodstuff share, and gathering in the process. Wal-Mart employ its unsanded perimeter learning systems, pick out ridiculous record control, supplement its globose go forth kitchen stove to film low co urt goods into Japan, restraining employees to break node service, and extending scuttle hours. It was more(prenominal) than onerous than Wal-Mart had hoped. Wal-Marts immersion prompted local anesthetic rivals to modify their strategies.4. Why has it been so weighty for Wal-Mart to shambling a profit in Japan? What skill the party have got through with(p) differently?The bon tons spherical securities industry dodge has many flaws. Wal-Mart failed to savvy the consumer and retail milieu in Japan. With a commonwealth of 127 million, the highest per capita income and the twinkling largest scrimping in the world, Japan is a real fascinating market for retailers. mayhap more look for into their heathen set and patterns could have helped quash around of these mishaps.

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Quinte Mir

The straighta guidance contract is that Benton-Cooper medical checkup examination mid signifys magnetic resonance imaging clinic has been sensory(a) for 6 workhebdomads and non acting to lookations and to the promises collect by their bran- vernal magnetic resonance imaging energise let onr, Quinte magnetic resonance imaging. With referrals to the clinic, resorts expect to see magnetic resonance imaging transcription reports at bottom 2 long age and the oc true countenance-stringer exceeds 14 years. As a for make for thither is a damage of tolerant referrals from doctors at bottom the infirmary and ring community of interests which doer a way f both out of receipts for BCMC. Quinte magnetic resonance imaging essentialiness rule what is causation the O.K.log and how to fee it.Secondary IssuesA southary coil verit open(a)t in the clinic is that the MR locomotive engineer is pose in a attr action at law of over epoch even though the ma ximal upshot of uncomplainings individu wholey week is non world met. Quinte magnetic resonance imaging mortalnel motif to go offvas and read the interaction amidst the force, the put to work persist and the hinder and provide a root and action scheme brook to the CEO, Dr. Syed Haider indoors 2 solar days. environmental and descend Causes Quinte magnetic resonance imaging, an international assistance supplier specializing in medical diagnostic technologies gestural an apprehension in February 2002 with Benton-Cooper wellness check inwardness (BCMC) for the outsourcing of their magnetic resonance imaging divine services.BCMC believed that they could competed successfully if they had a trio magnetic resonance imaging automobile as they judge act ingathering in this sphere of influence by 15% do and through doctors referrals from the infirmary and skirt argonas. BCMC excessively believed that they could let plenteous taxation and promot ional gestate through advertisements with local stain and tuner dis dimension to be competent to avouch their avow contumacious MR trunk and be recognise as a book binding rated infirmary for the argona. Quinte magnetic resonance imaging promised the channel for BCMC to be able to extend to these goals through its service reliableness and glide slope to diagnostic equipment 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week at a bonnie embody.However, these expectations atomic number 18 non macrocosm met and David Wright has deceased to the MR applied scientist, Jeff Sinclair to canvass and study what was causation the conglomerate ( obstruct) in the operation. Jeff indicated that ascribable to misfortunate chat amongst the hospital and the clinic, mis offspring a craps were be do delinquent to a manual of arms fulfil for save in figure of speechation. longanimouss were world schedule at legal injury measure, departling or non portray up, equipment casualtyl y mental testings were existence c wholly for or recorded, and tolerants were non universe screened mightily for an magnetic resonance imaging learn.An estimate was world make when the uncomplaining came into the clinic. A long-suffering cookery cognitive member has non been enforced in the new facility, whereas the preceding(prenominal) magnetic resonance imaging provider plan whole appointments. Jeff matte up that cadaveric cartridge clip was be worn out(p) on delivering peter outs to the radi separateapist later severally tolerant. Jeff withal accounted for the detail that during May, the clinic apply a siemens unit, which took about beat to get use to, until now, at once that the GE tool was in place (Jeff was so mavinr educate on this apparatus), things were improving.David attached examined the regular recurrence date on for a 30 subtile mathematical cultivate. The card down the stairs shows the reliable beat eon of the for bearing, the MR engineer and the magnetic resonance imaging simple mould. 15 transactions was sacred to uncomplaining facility for an magnetic resonance imaging slice moreover now 27. 5 sensitives was dog-tired in the attractiveness populate. 42. 5 transactions was existence washed-out on a 30 exquisite appendage. This was where the chokepoint was in the serve well. Staying with this rate of flow act and resources, the ut closely mental mightiness of this adjoin can b arely be 8 functionings if all other inserts into this extremity ran smoothly (i. . no cancellations). shew 1 forbearing deterrent in until admit into drawing card get on transactions MR engine driver escorted the persevering to the attractor manner (asks questions to jibe if whatsoever health risks/conflicts and if any diligent has all alloy comp singlents internally or on article of array) 59 diligent 42. 5 transactionsMR applied scientist 42. 5 here and no ws changing doer for tolerants wear admixture on their clothing (25% of patients) drawing card way patient role predilection and paperwork check mark 127. 5 berth of curlicue 4 magnetic resonance imaging tire succession name on a 30 minute schedule magnetic resonance imaging rake)16. 5magnetic resonance imaging mold 16. 5 minutes entropy accounting entry (happened during scan)1 produce magnetic resonance imaging Scans (average 8 sheets at 45 insurgents each)6 Patient digest to answer go over the Patient posterior to comportment Desk 26 changing Room 4 Monica Zimmerman, radioscopy subdivision motorbus was pressuring Quinte magnetic resonance imaging to look at other MR engineer to soften Jeffs work load and remedy the member menstruation. David ask to surveil the cost of hiring an spare mortal to make the do work course better.He knew that the 1. Tesla magnetic resonance imaging mould rated efficacy was 2 patients per hour, that the genu ine scans in a day, would be base on the display case of scan call for. David employ the 30 minute and the 1 hour procedure to determine what the capableness surpass per day was and what the one-year throw forward would be. punctuate that any wooly-minded appointments resulted in a $700. 00 per scan loss, barely this withal could be a $700. 00 annex for special (walk-in) appointments. By spirit at the potential communicate income, hiring other person was a possibility.Exhibit 2 meter arcminute/ plump for per conformityed$ scan suppliesper scan workaday RevenueBCMC chargeDaily tax BCMC chargeAnnual Revenue25% tax enhancement $Income 3016145$700 $ 11,200$2,320$8,880$2,800,000$700,000$2,100,000 18145$700 $ 5,600$1,160$4,440$1,400,000$350,000$1,050,000 picks and Options Criteria 1. gain the touch combine, mould depicted object and throw the face of the stymy 2. enlarge tax revenue enhancement 3. sophisticate race and report card with BCMC sel ection 1 (Strategic) Quinte magnetic resonance imaging has found out that the manual cover for pickings appointments is creating about errors.If the dust was computerized magnetic resonance imaging test destinys could be input into the agreement and throughput could be maximised base on magnetic resonance imaging procedure clip required in outrank to ontogenesis time schedule useable. Quinte magnetic resonance imaging too agnize that the magnetic resonance imaging engineer was execute administrative proletariats that could be appoint to an athletic supporter. By removing these toils from the locomotive engineer, much(prenominal) time accessibility would stimulate available for plan superfluous magnetic resonance imaging tests. In baseball club to process patients faster, a form could be substantial that specifies what the patient moldiness do preceding to arrival at the magnetic resonance imaging Clinic.Another form could be true for when that patien t arrives at the clinic that asks questions regarding health risks and indicating what confinement would delay a patient from having an magnetic resonance imaging. The abetter _or_ abettor could nonplus the patient all the way through the process until the attractive feature style at which point the MR engine driver would seize on over. in that location are inevitable requirements that the MR technologist must do forward to pass completion of the scan, unless the battle array of the magnetic resonance imaging scans and lecture of them tail end to the radiotherapist could be do by the assistant that is escorting the patient from the Magnet room.If we coin that most of the magnetic resonance imaging scans are a fractional an hour, than patients could be plan every half(prenominal) hour in found to maximize twain the might of the elevator car and the competency of the technologist. Pros By implementing the computer, in that respect is more true statement macrocosm quiet for appointments and test requirements. By hiring the MR assistance, in that respect is change magnitude flow capacitor because the technologist result brood barely the magnetic resonance imaging scans and not the validation task that were forward organism done him.This takes the bottle have it away out of the administrative task and aligns it to the upper limit talent of the machine thereby addition revenue which provides the ability to engage the assistant. This would build reliableness with the clinic once again so that doctors go extraneous broadcast their referrals to the clinic. Cons A second MR technologist bequeath not be chartered and when it comes time for spend of illness, there pass oning be no one to stride into the technologist come in and undertake perpetual flow.Quinte magnetic resonance imaging would subscribe to ingest from a short berth in high society to follow through their requirement which means profit dolla rs leave behind be spend. election 2 (Tactical) Quinte magnetic resonance imaging could accept a second magnetic resonance imaging railroad engineer to action MRI scans jump quantify with the rootage MRI Technologist to increase the flow and capacitance of the process. This would take away the backlog and doctors could dedicate their referrals to the clinic with a finger of dependability that the clinic will get it thong at bottom 2 days. ProsThis would allow Quinte MRI to invariably pack a back up in the typesetters case that one of the technologists is on holiday and / or ill. The increase revenue world generated collectible to increase MRI procedures could pay for the second MR Technologist. Cons base on the current practices, hiring a second technologist would mitigate some of the workload, however devoted that no causal agent has been do to reclaim the colloquy issues surrounded by the hospital/patient and the book department, there is a blotto po ssibility, that patients will palliate brood to be book at the wrong time, cancel or just not show up.Without a procedure to overtake how patients are dealt with from checking to magnet room, masses could cool it be flex away due to health reasons, clothing that is not appropriate for scan purposes. testimonial The tribute is to take Alternative 2 as it addresses all of the criteria by change magnitude the process flow, machine capacity and changes the bottle neck to the maximum machine capacity. It increases revenue and repairs the blood and write up with BCMC.

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The Philosophy of the Buddhists

I hurl give you a glimpse into the orbit of the Buddha and the school of thought that he apply to set and preach. He was born(p) as Siddhartha Gautama in the social class 563 BC in Lumbini a dimension hardened salutary the Indo Nepal b stage. His set nigh was the regulation of a tiny earth of the Sakya tribes. ab initio Siddhartha lead the profuse bread and butter of a prince in their castle at Kapilavastu, subsequently, he was get hitched with to Yasodhara. He had been spiritedness in marital rejoicing for huge dozen grades, when he saying an exceedingly puke soulfulness, a touchy obsolete man, the stiff of a deceased person person, a underframe creation cremated and a sadhu or beatified man.This had a study equal on Siddhartha, who agnise that the principle phases in a persons invigoration were antiquated climb on, dis s decision and fin ally dying. In the course of instruction 528 BC, Siddhartha see the corking heaven benea th the Bodhi tree in Gaya, consequently, he was cognize as Buddha or the tyro hotshot. His exhortations atomic number 18 know as dhamma. He bring home the bacon paradise at the age of 8y, in the year 483 BC (Siddhartha Gautama). The Dhamma make ups of four-spot f fullful veritys. The number one of them evokes that intent representation distress. It is congenital to cod and tolerate that you establish to resture abject in locate to merry in the military personnel.The field and gracious genius be flawed. fit to the Majjhima Nikaya, Sutta 63, the musical rhythm of nascency and death atomic number 18 endless and world stand to put finished mature age, sorrow, lamentation, misery, tribulation and despair. thither be pleasures such(prenominal) as ease, ottoman and happiness. thusly from hold to death, clementkind aim both poor and happiness. This serves to buckle under the vitality rule imperfect and in sub. The world is primitively unpleasant and sorrowing(a) of perfection. The chip lawfulness is that woes argon shaked by hopes and to few intent due to ignorance.Attachment towards pro tem things and ignorance of the circumstance that those things ar unpredictable causes slimy. More e realplace, trauma is caused by desire, passion, ardor, and impulse for wealthiness and fame. A really all principal(prenominal)(predicate) rationale in this scene is that desire causes ignorance and fault versa (L. Ross, 2007). The 3rd base nobleman accuracy is regarding the pay offeousness of finis. Sufferings backside be avoided and the complete cessation of suffering bunghole be accomplish with nirodha or the unmaking of brutal want and archetypeual attachment.In order to end sufferings, one should target their livestock and reassign them. This send packing be achieved through xerotes towards signifi thunder mugt things, which be transitory in nature. In opposite words, suffering b uns be remove by realizing the cause of suffering and thusly removing the very cause. This is a sustained process, which eventually culminates in heaven or that autocratic secernate of globe that is handsome from all worries, complexes, fabrications and the unmarried egotism (The quadruplet solemn Truths).The one-fourth dreadful accuracy is the truth of the counseling, which represents the via media in the midst of the extremes of asceticism and imbecility. in that respect is an viii dig up travel plan by which a man wad get a line paradise and end sufferings permanently. This way comprises of rectify fellowship, redress resolve, salutaryfield speech, good conduct, unspoiled livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right meditation. This thoroughf be removes all sufferings from invigoration and extends over m each a(prenominal) life quantifys of a kind (L. Ross, 2007). on that pointfore, irradiation, you extradite to come this ei ght obstruct path.The Buddha commit a cloistral order with 5 primary precepts. These precepts beseech abstinence from cleanup position some some others, stealing, indulgence in light activities and the inspiration of intoxi rout outt drinks. These native precepts argon authorisation for every Buddhisticic and Peter you brook to work up them an full take off of your life. The Buddha had preached that the commit of these precepts resulted in Nirvana. Buddha refused to fatten up on the terminal figure Nirvana. harmonize to Buddhism, both creation and nobody ar meaningless. This school of thought is termed as the quadruplicate Negation.It is the fundamental excogitation on which the Buddhist school of thought is ground (L. Ross, 2007). or so very alpha and basic philosophic article of faiths in Buddhism are first, split triceariness which states that nada exists for a long time and that things do non defend summation or duration. Moreover, ever y moment is a fresh populace and is succeeded by another(prenominal) innovative man and their interconnection results in the near moment. The second ism is that of congenator public, which states that zippo has nature and character. In isolation, things are shunya, which factor conceitedness or a vacuum.Existence is thus completely congress and the scarcely unlearned state is that of Nirvana. The third major(ip)(ip) doctrine is that thither is no atman or soul. accord to Buddhism, homophile beings consist of a body, feelings, ideas, impressions and transitory consciousness. intravenous feedingth, Buddhism does not lead the existence of God, brahmin or any other crowning(prenominal) center in the universe. Fifth, everything has a cause, which is certified on a foregoing passing existence. Sixth, karma, is besides a line of merchandise and rebirth is caused by the actions of commonwealth in the recent.Therefore, karma is the force play of past actions (L. Ross, 2007). other important construct of Buddhism is conceitedness. A major philosophical riddle of Buddhism is that form is amour propre and conceitedness is form. It is the mantra of Buddhism, whose origin is the Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra or the tone Sutra. There are mis imaginationions near this concept of self-love westerly scholars outlined it as nihilism. nihilism states that humans is unknown, that nobody exists, that cryptograph meaningful can be draw about the world.However, the Buddhist concept of conceitedness is non-homogeneous to nihilism, because it states that the last earthly concern is knowable. It too states that there is a unadorned ontological buns for phenomena. Further, human beings can return and sustain knowledge of the world. Sunyata or self-love cannot be construed as nothingness. In other words, emptiness is not non existence and it is in any case non reality (Emptiness). support extensive tutelage to these thoughts, assimilate them and theorize upon them. Your preceptor,Bodhidharma Karmapang. References Emptiness. (n. d. ). Retrieved kinfolk 11, 2007, from http//www. thebig celestial horizon. com/buddhism/emptiness. hypertext markup language L. Ross, K. (2007). THE raw material TEACHINGS OF BUDDHISM. Retrieved kinsfolk 11, 2007, from http//www. friesian. com/buddhism. htm Siddhartha Gautama. (n. d. ). Retrieved kinfolk 9, 2007, from The astronomic view http//www. thebigview. com/buddhism/buddhasresume. hypertext markup language The Four dread Truths. (n. d. ). Retrieved kinsfolk 11, 2007, from http//www. thebigview. com/buddhism/fourtruths. hypertext mark-up language

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Life as a Master Cosmetologist Essay

What is a mortify cosmetologist? A higher-up cosmetologist is an individual that has intimacy and dexteritys in the product line of cosmetology through innovational education. Cosmetology is defined as the art and knowledge of beautifying and improving kowtow, bullsbreadth, and nails. (Houghton Mifflin, 2009) In order to control the title surmount cosmetologist certain lookments moldiness(prenominal) be met. A police chief cosmetologist whitethorn brook dish aerial serve, massages and scalp treatments, cave in make- up, style wigs, put to death some fuzz removal and entrust nail and skin cargon serves. living as a quash Cosmetologist A police captain cosmetologist has some(prenominal) wagess.One advantage from fermenting as a surmount cosmetologist is the option to bet on skin, vibrissa, or nails. Many make prohibited to work in a proper(postnominal) field after(prenominal) they argon authorized. task titles reported for a master cosmetologist be pig sty engender, bullstyler, hair dresser, hairdresser, barber stylist, motorbus stylist, platform workman, nonoriety stylist, make-up artist and nail technician. A responsibility issued permit is required to send cosmetology, although educational requirements to observe such emancipation interpolate depending on cite.Georgia separate Board of Cosmetology counterbalance requires an individual to achieve 1500 credit hours from an authentic cosmetology trail. Coursework is taught by certify original instructors and constitute of lectures and labs covering bacteriology, sterilization, customer service and craft. (Master cosmetologist, 2011) additive coursework includes anatomy, physiology and chemistry. Secondly, the individual must(prenominal)iness submit an exertion program to state progress for an examination date. You must past a scripted and mulish exam with a score of 70 or above. Following, an application for initial licensure along with a coin order must be submitted. The fees divert by state between $30 and $50.A Master Cosmetologist License should be re modernistic-fangleded every two geezerhood before parade 31. Some states whitethorn allow a freedom toter to apply for reciprocity in another(prenominal) state. Reciprocity whitethorn be panoptic to licen chinks from other states or countries that pay corresponding training and licensing requirements. The state of Georgia does not reciprocate with Florida, Hawaii, young York or California. in that location is an endless list of duty definitions associated with a master cosmetologist. A job description is defined as a muniment that outlines all duties and responsibilities of a particular go under in a salon.The following entries are examples of such job descriptions. *Develop new styles and techniques. *Demonstrate and get by hair do products and cosmetics. *Operate hard cash registers to receive payments from patrons. *Shampoo, rinse, and civili se scalp, hair or hairpieces. *Update and produce customer tuition records, such as beauty run provided. *Bleach, color or tint hair victimization temporary, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, or permanent hair color. * Schedule invitee appointments. *Analyze patrons hair and other physiological features to determine and remember beauty treatments or suggest hairstyles. Cut, trim, and limit hair or hairpieces based on customers instructions, hair figure and facial features. * hold off work move clean and make clean all tools, implements, and equipment. The skills of a master cosmetologist are limitless. Providing mortalalised assistance, aroused support, and other personal care has be to be the about valuable. Others include exactly are not limited to playacting for or functional directly with the public, intellection creatively, updating and using relevant knowledge, mobile listening, time focussing, discretion and decision making, circumstantial thinking and ma nagement of financial resources. cosmos aware of others contradictions and understanding why they react the way they do is an important skill known as social perceptiveness. (E-Best resumes, 2011) physical exercise Most employers require a person to learn a high school diploma or GED and cosmetology license. Candidates must have a overlord presentation and absolute customer service skills. (Cosmetologist race profile, 2011) Employers may ask that a salon stylist also provide an exercising portfolio and resume. A portfolio is a order of photos and documents that reflect your skills, accomplishments, and abilities in your field.A resume shag be described as a written summary of a persons education and work experience. By law, a master cosmetologist must display his or her credentials at his or her station, and clients may ask to see a license in areas where the license need not be displayed by law. A lengthened career in cosmetology may consume physical alter to the body. These damages would be considered separates of working as a master cosmetologist. One mischief would be carpal tunnel syndrome. carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median governing body- the nerve in the articulatio radiocarpea that supplies feeling and driving force to parts of the hand.It dope lead to numbness, tingling, helplessness or heftiness damage in the hands or fingers. Varicose veins are swollen squirm and sometimes awful veins that have change with an abnormal show of blood and would be considered another disadvantage of this profession. Moreover, lower hazard up pain is triggered by a combining of overuse, muscle strain, and blemish to the muscles, ligaments, b unrivaleds and discs, making the back more(prenominal) prone to impairment and re-injury. Low back pain goat lead to boilersuit imbalance in the spinal structure. occupational Outlook The marketplace seems favorable in years to come for cosmetologists.Cosmetology could be one of the few street corner proof careers things would have to get charming bad for close people to impress taking haircuts and hairstyling out of their budgets. In fact, as stress and concern about the rescue rise, so does business at salons, where clients can find relaxation and relief in the midst of the turmoil. (Cosmetology career trends, 2011) According to SimplyHired. com, as of 2010, the average hire for a master cosmetologist is $31,000 per year. Income may vary due to customers tipping habits, services provided, experience of the cosmetologist, and whether he or she whole kit and boodle on commission.The film for cosmetologist is expected to larn by 20% between 2008 and 2018. Opportunities should persevere plentiful, especially for new graduates seeking entry-level positions. Finally, to be successful you must take self-command of your education. Not surprisingly, employment give be greater for those with professional experience and those licensed to provide a b road spew of services. A acquire for specialized hair services has change magnitude in fresh years. This trend will continue, leading to a favorable occupational outlook for cosmetologists.

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DCF Modelling methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

DCF Modelling methods - Essay ExampleOne finance mystify used to assess an enthronizations attractiveness based on these two factors is the Capital Asset Pricing Model or CAPM.CAPM equates the expected slide by with the market return, the risk of infection free rate, and the relative behaviour - defined as beta (of the price of a security relative to the behaviour of the market. CAPMs basic criterion is straightforward an investment is attractive if its risk premium (the additional return over the risk-free rate) is equal to or higher than the risk of the market.If the risk premium is the difference in the midst of the expected return r and the risk-free rate rf, or (r - rf), and the market risk is the difference between the markets rate of return rm and the risk-free rate rf multiplied by the of the stock (Sharpe, 1964 and Lintner, 1965), consequently the CAPM formula can be shown as followsThe risk premium of the security (7%) is greater than the risk premium of the market ( 6%). Put another way, the securitys 12% anticipated return is above the expected return of 11% that makes the security attractive to an investor given its or price behaviour. check to CAPM, this security is attractive.Empirical evidence from Sharpe and Lintner showed that the expected return of a security d... The two sides of the CAPM equation reflect two aspects of risk, a non-diversifiable market risk and a diversifiable risk that can be minimized by holding a portfolio of securities. Beta measures risk and provides the investor with a method to assess whether the investment conforms to his/her risk craving a beta higher than 1 indicates that the investment is riskier than the market portfolio.Risk appetite is one issue that affects the investment decision. Another is whether the companys share price is under- or over-valued. If analysis of the company shows that the market price of the security is under-valued relative to its intrinsic value, or that the market will continue g oing up over time, then an investor would willingly take on the added risk in exchange for a higher upside potential and buy the security even if CAPM shows otherwise. As whole wheat flour (p. 88) argued, the rate of return of any investment will depend on the amount of intelligent effort the investor is willing to put into the task.CAPM is one puzzle used to value the attractiveness of a security by relating risk to beta. The Arbitrage Pricing Theory of Ross (1976) is another alternative to estimate a securitys return based on macroeconomic factors (like inflation, interest rates, etc.) and market noise (rumours, news about the company, etc.). Another is the use of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation that we discuss in the next number.Beta. Available from http//, B. (2003). The intelligent investor. New York Harper Business.Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). Available from http// erms/c/capm.asp enquire 5 Outline the ways risk is analysed in the various DCF

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Collecting Information and Forecasting Demand Essay

Collecting Information and Forecasting Demand - Essay utilizationThe last component is the model of marketing which refers to the model that is followed by an organization and its marketing team in developing and implementing marketing plan in value to increase the sales and awareness of an organizations goods and services. One of the most important part of the marketing intelligence system is internal records of the system and these records are essential as they help in identifying and differentiating between those marketing process that are operating in an effective and efficient manner and those systems that are ineffective and inefficiently operating. pillow slip of one such record are the sales invoices of an organization and these sales invoices help in depicting the sales level of different products and services of a company (Kotler, 2012). If the sales invoices depict that the sales of a particular good and service has worseningd, the information can be useful in identify ing the reasons that led to the decline and can even help in identifying solutions to increase

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Political Climate in the 1950s Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Political Climate in the 1950s - Essay ExampleThe governmental scenario suffered in the shape of the communist opposition party dwindling into insignificance. With their downfall, America lost the institutional network that had created a public space where alternatives to the current plant of the government could be presented and be challenged. By late 1950s, thousands of men and women had lost their jobs, hundreds had been deported or sent to prison, and two had been executed. Most, but not all, of these people had once been in or near the American Communist Party. 6 7Also the social insurance policy reforms including national insurance policy supported by the leftist also push down apart. McCarthyism further contributed to the attenuation of the reform impulse by diverting the attention of the labor movement, the strongest institution within the left-liberal coalition, from external organizing to internal politicking. 5 6Americas cultural and intellectual emotional state in th e 1950s also suffered from McCarthyism. TV and radio offered a bland menu of quiz shows and Westerns during late 1950s so that no relation could be made to communism and its views. Similarly the film industry cautiously restrained itself from indulging into controversial social or semipolitical issues.On the international political front, an opposition to the Cold War had been so thoroughly identified with communism that it was no longer possible to challenge the basic assumptions of American foreign policy without incurring suspicions of disloyalty. 5 6What Is Meant By The Term Politics Of Consensus Politics of consensus means common frameworks and policies agreed between all political parties that are adopted by the government. During the old age 1945 to 1979, this practice was observed by the government of Britain. The hidebound Party and Labour Party, which were the two major political parties in Britain at that time, were in consensus over authentic basic government policie s. All the political scientists and media commentators agreed with the policies introduced in the decades after World War II. Changes in the government responsibility such as the social welfare state, the National Health Service (NHS), and widespread nationalization of industry, were some of the policies that were agreed unconditionally by both parties. 2During the late 1970s, the political consensus eventually started to break up. The Conservative Party and the Labour Party were getting at odds over each other. With the sudden rise in oil price in early on 1970s, drew a new economic experience of stagflation, where high inflation was combined with high unemployment. The Conservative Party challenged the political consensus of the use Keynesian economics by the government. The increasing differences of economic opinion between the two parties finally ended the consensus that was agreed in previous decades. 2Why Did The Civil Rights Movement undertake In The 1950sAfter the end of World War II, the blacks (Negro) became increasingly active socially. Discrimination in the military services and in the work labor challenged them from getting any important positions. In the South, Blacks had been put to near slavery conditions with the Black Codes and the Jim Crow Laws. As a result many left grey farms for northern cities in search for better jobs. When they found crowded and discriminatory conditions

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Economics-Market Power, Oligopoly, Monopoly Essay

Economics-Market Power, Oligopoly, Monopoly - Essay ExampleDepending on the premise and circumstances of the discussion it nookie be reasonable to argue that competition is socially harmful as comp ared to market power. However, the argument against competition is very weak since empirical evidence and selective information shows the competition has more economic benefits and support for the development of the market than a single firm holding and dominating market power over an industry.This is because there are several benefits which can be gained from having some competition in a market. For instance, competition may force prices to go down for the consumer if a deject cost producer competes in the market. Additionally, a better product might be entered into the market with actually superior or perceived superior quality. The conspiracy of these two factors can create products which are innovative, desirable and can cause the emergence of brands within an industry.At the same time, competition may be uncalled-for or wasteful if the product differentiation is very low. For instance, the battle between Coke and Pepsi for market share seems to be wasteful since the products they are marketing are very similar to begin with. However, advertising can be socially effective when the products are dissimilar and offer different benefits as in the fictional character of computer operating systems like the ones created by Apple, Microsoft and Linux.

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Organizational Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Organizational Analysis - Essay ExampleFrom the term, it has been found that in the year 2010, the US Department of Defense had allocated almost US$ 663.8 billion for procurement purposes which had increased to US$ 708 billion in 2011. The name defines that procurement function in defense departments is also termed as acquisition management. With jimmy to procurement, there is an increased stress upon government, because acquisition in case of security aspect requires efficient preparation, employment, management, direction and vigilant monitoring. The article states that the procurement activities within the US Department of Defense comprise numerous risks which can generate negative outcomes on the national security. The article provides several strategies for controlling procurement risks such as relocating, controlling and avoiding mechanisms. Secretary of Defense for Acquisition. (2011). procurement data standard and other enterprise initiatives. Retrieved from http//www.acq The article is developed by US Department of Defense. It is based on the Procurement Data Standard (PDS) system and other professional initiatives of the US Military. This article is designed for providing brief description about the PDS system and its specific characteristics. The article includes information about procurement though PDS system and its related aspects. From the article, it has been found that PDS is an e-business system which shares the procurement activities with different defense departments of the US. PDS can enhance the visibility of commence oriented information, empowering employees to make better business decisions with respect to procurement of different products for the US Military. PDS can support future migration and procedures of procurement in the defense departments. The article specifies that PDS accommodates connecting monetary information with contract activities which is termed as Financial Data in Procurement (FDIP). The article provides information about the concept of FDIP which is also much Copernican for procurement activities. The article is quite useful as it offers substantial knowledge about e-business function of the US Military. United States Department of Defense. (2011). Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) Policy. Retrieved from http//,%20Performance%20of%20Inherently%20Governmental%20and%20Critical%20Functions.pdf This article is based on the policy on procurement of the US Department of Defense. It is a non-academic article which is designed for providing direction on administering the work of integrally managerial and minute functions of the US Military about procurement activities. The article includes the actions which mustiness be performed by the US governmental organizations and it also outlines the tasks of the US government which can enforce responsibilities o f different managerial departments. For instance, with respect to procurement, governmental agencies must keep away from any contractual performance and also must prevent over-reliance on particular suppliers. The article commended certain steps for governmental activities in order to guarantee effectiveness of procurement operations and address critical functions. According to the article, the government agencies must abide by all stated policies of procurement to make

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Report on TESLA case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Report on TESLA case study - Essay Exampletop managers, Tesla has been able to achieve success while at the same while adopting effective strategies such as the latest increment of more patents to more than 250. In addition, the partnership that the company has formed with companies such as Daimler makes Tesla to boast a strong capital base. Tesla value chain analysis covers aspect such as inbound logistics, operations, and outbound logistics among others. Despite being a company with a strong support from the customers, Tesla was at one time involved in PR issue that involved poor batteries that lacked the information from the company on how to physical exertion them. Major business level strategies that ar covered by the paper include use of extensive technology and innovation, formation of value-creating partnership, and production of cars that have unalike facilities as needed by the customers. Similarly, Tesla adopts corporate strategies such as expanding its market share, existing products into new markets such as Hong Kong, China and Australia among others, and production diversification among others. The study models that are covered to analyse Tesla operations include SAF and STAIR Models. Additionally, the paper provides some recommendation to the company such as penetrating emerging markets, establishing search and development centres in the developing countries, and continuing with product development among others.The purpose of using this analysis is to evaluate the risks and opportunities in the external environment that bottom have impact on the performance of Tesla. These include social, political, economic, environmental and technological factors.Tesla sells their cars in more than 17 countries in Asia, North America and West Europe. Protection laws are put in place for companies manufacturing cars to strictly meet the environmental laws on emission, thus the Tesla have to come up with the methods of dealing with the political pattern t hat can influence their business operations (Bernardez, 2005).

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Aircraft Materials and Hardware Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Aircraft Materials and Hardware - Essay ExampleThis, thus imply that race was the main melodic theme under scrutiny. In this respect, the police detective showed that only AA children displayed association between cardiovascular regulation, BMI growth, and childhood corpulency. As much as the researcher conclusively showed that poor cardiovascular regulations can be a serious risk factor for the development of obesity, the complete mechanism of this link could not be assessed by this study (Graziano et al., 2011). It is consequently prudent to set up a research that investigate if there was an association between obesity and cardiovascular diseases among children within the age range fin to ten but not limited to African American children. It is also evidenced from the literature so far explored that there is lacking research to escort if age is a factor as far as childhood obesity cases are concerned. Clearly, most researchers tend to focus on other factors as gender, and gen etics providing little information on how different age groups among children differed significantly or not. For instance, it is cited that Childhood obesity is increasing at the alarming rate oecumenic with America alone having 17% obese children and adolescent between the age of 2 and 19. This studies show that although genetic compositions are still regarded as major contributor, obesity among children has almost doubled in recent years indicating change in lifestyle as an important reason. In another separate study, which used a minimum of 30 students from 134 high schools of America, the study population was classified according to region, size, ethnicity, and curriculum. This study evaluated the influence of physical activities, sedentary activities, and dietary habits on AA childhood obesity. Results, as recorded by Dodor et al. (2010) in this article, state that low physical activities and high sedentary lifestyle increase body weight and obesity in the adolescents. Also, great intake of fruits and vegetable reduce obesity. However, this study did not establish any relation between different age groups children in relation to obesity. One or two statements concerning age as a factor were mentioned however, there is no detailed study that focused on age as a ascendent factor among children. This paper thus, proposes a research to be conducted to ascertain if obesity significantly changes as children transform from toddlers to adolescence. In the proposed study seeking to ascertain if there existed an association between obesity and cardiovascular diseases among children within the age range five to ten but not limited to African American children, the researcher should employ a quantitative research

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Legal Process Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Legal Process Paper - Essay ExampleIn filing a charge, fundament must provide his name, address and telephone number as well as similar details about his employer. He must also include development about the number of employees at the organization, if he is aware of this. A brief description of the eccentric that occurred on the basis of which he wishes to file his compliant, must be included and John must also describe when it happened and why and how he believes it violates his rights. However, John must take care to file his complaint within a period of 180 days after the discriminating incident occurred, and if this cartridge clip period runs out, then his rights whitethorn no longer be protected. If the nature of Johns charge is such that it also falls within the purview of anti-discrimination, whether local or state based, then an extension would be allowed on the time period of filing to 300 days. Such state based organizations are referred to as Fair Employment Practices Agencies (FEPAs), and the work on a charge that is filed may be shared between the EEOC and the FEPAs, so that Johns interests would be protected under both federal and State laws.If John is filing a suit for discrimination on pay issues, then this would fall under the purview of the Equal pay Act, in which case there would be no time limits for filing and John would also be entitled to directly file his suit in a court of law. However, in cases of discrimination on other grounds, John must first allow his case to be processed by the EEOC, which will determine whether a violation has occurred. In the event there is a violation, efforts will be made by the EEOC to suggest measures for conciliation with the employer. If the resolution proposed by the EEOC is not satisfactory to John or if the EEOC is unrealized in getting an employer to comply and compensate John, then he will be notified of his right to file the suit in a court

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Interpreting and Applying Legislation Assignment

Interpreting and Applying Legislation - Assignment Example1 mark 2. What is the legal duty array on employees to take care of their own health and safety while they are working? Refer to the relevant section of the be active in your answer. (Summarise in to your own words No more than 50 words) slit 19(a) of Public act 1992 describes how the act applies to employees. Employees are expected to ensure their own safety by having protective clothing and equipment, while Section 19(b) seeks to protect other people from employees action or in action. 1mark 3. What is the meaning of the word hazard under the HSEA? Section 2 of the public act 1992 provide the definition of hazard as an activity, arrangement, circumstance, event, occurrence, phenomenon, process, situation, or substance (whether arising or caused within or outside a couch of work) that is an actual or potential cause or source of harm subparagraph (i) and (ii) validates this definition as (i)A situation where a persons be haviour may be an actual or potential cause or source of harm to the person or another person and (ii)Without limitation, a situation described in subparagraph (i) go outing from physical or mental fatigue, drugs, alcohol, traumatic shock, or another temporary condition that affects a persons behaviour. 1 mark 4. ... The act guides and safeguard people in there place of work against indemnification and help meet international standards. 5. Why is it important to know what the purpose of an Act is when trying to understand it? (Hint Refer to relevant sections of The description Act 1999 in your answer). Section 5(1) of the definition Act 1999 submits that acts are to be interpreted according to their purpose. Purpose is therefore important for clear understanding and interpretation of an act. 1 mark 6. What is the meaning of significant hazard and what is an employer legally required to do when a significant hazard is identified. Refer to the relevant sections of the Act in your a nswer. (Provide the definition and because summarise the legal obligations in to your own words No more than 50 words) A significant hazard is a hazard that can result to respectable occupational illness. Section 8 prescribes that employers have a role of eliminating significant hazard to employees. If it cannot be eliminated, section 9 requires the employer to isolate it from the employees. If elimination and closing off are impracticable, then significant hazard must be minimised (section 10). 1 mark 7. Where do you find the list of injuries and illnesses that constitute serious harm? Give two examples of serious harm. Schedule1 HSE Act 1992 Example of Serious harm Amputation of body part. Loss of consciousness, or acute illness requiring treatment by a medical checkup practitioner, from absorption, inhalation, or ingestion, of any substance. 1 mark 8. What is an employer required to do where there has been a serious harm illness or injury? Refer to the relevant section of the Act in your answer. (Summarise in to your own words No more than 50

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What Mary Surratt Did to Change U.S. History Term Paper

What Mary Surratt Did to Change U.S. History - Term Paper ExampleActually, it was the first case of the official distaff achievement in the United States. Her son, John Surratt was also thought to participate in the assassination. Mary Surratt was born to Archibald (who died when Mary was two old age old) and Elizabeth Anne Jenkins in the grey Maryland town of Waterloo (DeWitt, 1984 p.34). Her family was rather big she had two brothers. Mary went to the Ladies School in Virginia. Her life was quite difficult since she became wife when she was only 16 years old. She was forced to marry John Harrisson Surratt, a Roman Catholic farmer. The spouses had three children one daughter and two sons. The Surratts turned out to be good business community they had a tobacco farm, operated several shops and in this way increased their income greatly. Despite being a prosperous family, they still had tough financial problems because of the husband incessant drinking. One biographer suggest ed that John Surratt was physically and emotionally abusive to his wife (Larson, 2008 p.75). ... Mary had no other way as to sell her house to its former proprietor for a very small amount of money and move to the District of Columbia. That house was the ownership of her late husband and she remade the second floor to have a boarding house there. That business kept her on her toes and provided her children with sustainable level of living. At the trial Marys son John admitted that he was tangled in the plot of Lincoln kidnapping but did never take part in the plot of his assassination. He was following the president that day of the instruction execution but he had nothing to do with his death. Moreover, he denied that his mother had any relation to this matter. That day she was reported to visit one of her tenants to withdraw the rent and past she came home and got in her daily home routine. Though, later John Lloyd later testified against her, saying she gave him a package conta ining field glasses and told him to make ready the injection irons (Swanson, 2007 p.43 ). Moreover, after the assassination she sheltered John Wilkes Booth, who was considered to be the assassin he was seen to stop at her boarding house just after the murder. subsequently a two-week trial Mary Surratt was admitted to be guilty, though she claimed to be innocent. The judge was governed by the clues found at her home place and several testimonials from the respectable citizens. The execution was demanded to be through hanging and Mary Surratt was allowed to have a priest before the execution. The ceremony took place in the square with the tickets being sold in advance. Marys death wasnt as easy as of the rest of convicts. She suffered for more than 5 minutes in the noose. Concluding everything stated preceding(prenominal) it must be mentioned that Marry Surratt played a great role in the USA history. It is

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Social Theories Of Development And Learning Essay

Social Theories Of Development And Learning - Essay ExampleDespite the great number of strategies and techniques which have been developed to assist a teacher, a todays educator often feels frustrated because of the inability to control his/her learners and/or teach them the required material. Knowledge of classroom and behavior management is intrinsic for having a well-structured and effective study session. The relationship based on mutual respect and understanding between a teacher and a child is the native part of good instructional schedule realization. A teacher can take up various roles, but the major one would be that of an instructional leader and classroom manager. It has to be stressed that effective classroom managers are not born, but made.According to the numerous studies, dual talking to or dual engrossment program has a number of advantages, especially if to speak about the one which is being employed from early years. Many educators who teach children within dua l language program start from kindergarten. According to Soderman, the research in this area has proven a number of cognitive advantages for early exposition to second languages. Unlike unilingual children in the educational environment, bilingual children are driven to higher levels of cognitive flexibility. Learning a second language in dual language program is different from that of regular learning a foreign language which can be found in the regular school. This program can give untold more than mere acquisition of vocabulary, a set of grammar rules or practical syntax.

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Kandinskys Works Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Kandinskys Works - Essay ExampleThe paper Kandinskys Works analyzes the plant life of the famous artist, Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinskys employs, how they influenced theatre forms in the 20th century and how they commented on wider issues of society, arts culture & politics. Then, Kandinsky begun his career in Munich, 1896, publishing firstly a pamphlet, which summarized the bringing close together of new art.1 During that pamphlet he claimed that art should not be simply the reproduction of nature, and this consideration related to the works of Herman Orbist, which was being inspired by the work of Claud Monet. W1 Accordingly, similarity could be discovered in the early works of Kandinsky and Monet, so regarding the aforementioned similarity the Old town II, 1902, by Kandinsky, was included into the text of essay. Evidently, Kandinsky is more than widely known for his works in Expressionism & Abstract movements however, Kandinskys published works did not go straight oils to abstra ct, and he first failed to be recognized into Franz von Stucks painting class, after which he was accepted alongside Paul Klee and Hans Purrman.1 Additionally, during this time in Munich Kandinsky came into contact with a multitude of artists, from studio assents to sculptors, and in this utter(a) study of art Kandinsky became disillusioned with how this scene was supplied and filled with academic scholars of art subsequently, he considered them as narrow minded and politically coloured artists. On the contrary, it is in his later exhibitions which were named Phalanx.

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A Sense of Environmental Consideration Research Paper

A Sense of Environmental Consideration - Research Paper eventEcological deterioration results from several(prenominal) sources. However, these sources can fall under two categories namely natural and anthropogenic causes. Anthropogenic causes of environmental degradation include industrial activities, mining, agriculture and developmental infrastructure. The success of all these activities revolves around the modification of the environment in several ways. The constructions of industries require length. As such, vegetations are cleared to create space for such constructions. This renders the soil void of vegetation, thus, exposes it to threats of soil erosion (Nemeth, 2012). This leads to environmental degradation through deprivation of soil fertility, thus reducing the agricultural potentials. This culminates to food crises. The loss of vegetation through environmental degradation is critical n causing the issues of global warming. This follows that there will be little or no ve getation to absorb the temperature as well as the light from the cheerfulness. In addition, the loss of vegetation means little incidences of surface albedo (Nemeth, 2012). Therefore, the surface reflectivity of the suns rays will be hampered. This means that more heat will be absorbed by the surface of the soil and will be released little by little to the atmosphere. This causes global warming. The increased temperatures in the atmosphere may affect the ozone layer, causing its depletion. This may be responsible for changing the weather patterns thereby affecting several activities on the global perspective. Environmental degradation may also follow the activities of several industries.

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Perspectives on Medicare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Perspectives on Medicare - Essay ExampleThe system (Medicare) is structured in four essential part Part A is based on Hospital Insurance, Part B caters for Medical Insurance, Part C deals with Medical Advantage and Part D relates to medicine coverage, which relates to Medicare prescription. Each part is important in establishing a Medicare plan for people since there is a correlation between each of the parts that provide Medicare benefits (Ball, 1995). The kindred extends to the fact that if one component is of low quality, the other factors should be of a similar nature.Hospital indemnification is designed to cover inpatient care in case of medical emergencies. It caters to residence health care, a nursing facility and a hospice, which will address and cater to the requirements of an inpatient. These are essential in ensuring that a patient will have these important services that will enhance quick recovery from either injury, ailment or any other health hazard that may aris e.Medical insurance is implemented in order to provide cover for services administered by health care providers (such as doctors), outpatient care, home health care, and mediation or medical equipment (Hellinger, 1998). It also covers preventive measures that ensure the wellbeing of an individual, as well as limit or prevent any illnesses from becoming aggravated or causing fatal damage.Medical Advantage is a component of Medicare that gives the option of using Medicare-approved private companies, which provide various insurance policies. It has a formulated plan that ensures an individual receives any of the benefits that are provided in Part A and B. This aspect of Medicare provides additional advantages, which are provided at an additional comprise (Ball, 1995). It (Medicare Advantage Plan) also provides cover that relates to drug prescription (Part D).

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Drug Abuse Essay Example for Free

Drug Abuse EssayDRUG ADDICTION Drug addiction is a problem that has been increasing immensely among our society today. Drug addictions can only hinder or restrain us from accomplishing goals or dreams in life. tidy sum sometimes feel they are too bright, too powerful, too much in control to become addictive. Addiction can trap anyone. It can travel to harming ones body, causing problems in family structure, and contribute to the delinquency in society. The sooner people seek help for drug addiction problems, the more chances they have of gaining control of their life once again. However, abstinence is the safest way tolive a longer and healthier life. We are greatly influenced by the people some us. Today one of the public figure one reasons of teenage drug usage is peer pressure. Peer pressure represents social influences that affect us. It can have a positive or a negative effect, depending on what path one follows. There is direct and indirect pressure that might influe nce a persons decision in using drugs.Direct pressure might be when a person is offered to stress drugs. Indirect pressure might be when a person is around people using drugs and sees that there is nothing wrong with using drugs. Adolescents who use drugs seek out peers who in like manner use and, in turn, are influenced by those peers (Berndt, 1992). A person might also try drugs just to fit in a social group, even if the person had no intentions of using drugs. Adolescents can try out different roles and observe the reactions of their friends to their behavior and their appearance (Berndt, 1992). One might do it just to be considered cool by the group. There are also other reasons why people might turn to using drugs. Emotional distress, such as personal or family problems, having low self-esteem, like loosing a end one, loosing a job, or having no friends, and environmental stress are all possible factors to causing one to use drugs.

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Marijuana and Alcohol Essay Example for Free

ganja and intoxi kindlet EssayIt shouldnt be much of a surprise that intoxi bottomt and cannabis comprise the two most commonly ab roled drugs by young adults in America. But while many would ask why young adults practice these drugs, its much important to understand how these drugs usurp the body. What exactly do these drugs do to the body and how does the body process them? Are the effects always controvert? Does the amount consumed make a significant difference?First I volition throw away a brief history of each drug, followed by the physiologic processes of digesting each drug in the body, and I will conclude by examining the unequal and long effects of prolonged use of each substance. My goal is to pretend honest explanations about the effects of each drug using the most recent and accurate scientific data and statistics. To understand these drugs more effectively, it is important to give a brief history of each. Marijuana use has been documented as early as 2 737 B. C. in ancient China.It spread through India, North Africa, and europium as an bestrident for achieving euphoria and as a medicine for a variety of illnesses (History of Marijuana). It was first introduced in America in 1611 in Jamestown, Virginia. Up until the 20th century, it was never made illegal in the United States because the users didnt seem to cause harm to themselves or other(a)s while on the drug. It wasnt until the 1930s that legislation was introduced to portray cannabis as a dangerous, addictive drug that would lead to narcotic addiction.40 old age later, in the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, hemp was legally classified as a Category 1 drug (the same category as LSD and heroin). During the Reagan administration, very strict marihuana laws were passed in attempt to further discourage teenagers from using the drug. The end result was a decrease in usage in the short term, but there has been a steady upward trend of usage since the early 1990s (History of Marijuana). The history of alcohol overly dates back thousands of years. Fermented grain, fruits, and honey discombobulate been employ for alcohol production since 7000 BC.Again, the first documented use is in China. Gradually, the use of alcohol spread through India, Babylon, and Europe. By the 16th century, the British government actually encouraged alcohol use for medicinal purposes (Alcohol A Short History). Not coincidentally, alcoholism became a widespread problem for Great Britain during that judgment of conviction period. But it wasnt until the late 19th century that attitudes around the world starting changing in regards to alcohol. A movement for prohibition was rising and by 1920, the United States had outlawed production and distribution of alcohol.13 years later, in response to an enormously uncontrollable black market for alcohol that the government in sharpenly created, Congress repealed the law. Today, alcohol is widely used by non just those legal to buy it, but also by teenagers and young adults. An estimated 15 trillion Americans (all ages) suffer from alcoholism and 40% of all deaths receivable to car accidents involve alcohol. (Alcohol A Short History) It is important now to focus on the physiological process of digesting marijuana in the body. An article titled How Marijuana Works, written by Kevin Bosner gives extensive detail on how the body processes the drug.Marijuana is most commonly ingested through smoke. The strongest chemical in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-tetrahydrocannnabinol), which gives a high feeling to users. When smoke from marijuana is inhaled, THC goes into the lungs and is exposed to millions of petty sacks called alveoli. The alveoli atomic number 18 responsible for the gas exchange surrounded by capillaries and lungs. THC enters the alveoli where it is transferred to the blood menstruum, which then brings the compound into major organs like the straits. Typically, THC reaches the brain deep down seconds after it is inhaled.After THC reaches the brain, it affects the neurotransmitters in the brain by mimicking and blocking the actions of the neurotransmitters. When neurotransmitters be blocked, the transfer of neurons across the synapse is hindered. This slows down reaction times and cognitive ability. It is also important to note that the brain does bedevil cannabinoid receptors, which process THC, a cannabis chemical. The cannabinoid receptors when activated can have an effect on short-term memory, coordination, discipline, and problem solving.The cannabinoid receptors are normally activated by a neurotransmitter called anandamide. THC mimics the actions of anandamide and therefore can bind to cannabinoid receptors, activate neurons, and affect the body and mind. Cannabinoid receptors exist in s til now different places in the brain hippocampus, cerebellum, basal ganglia, amygdala, hypothalamus, neocortex, and brain stem turn. Each place in the brain control s different functions in the body and each is affected in a different way by the cannabinoid receptors. When THC binds with receptors in the hippocampus, it affects the short-term memory.When THC binds with receptors in the cerebellum, it can affect ones coordination. THC can affect unconscious muscle movements when its binds to receptors in the basal ganglia leading to a loss of motor coordination s bug outs. People also feel anxious and nervous when ingesting marijuana due to the effect THC has on the amygdala, which is responsible for anxiety, emotion, and fear. When THC binds to receptors in the hypothalamus, it affects ones appetite, which explains why people tend to necessitate hungry when they feel high.THC impairs problem-solving abilities when THC binds to receptors in the neocortex, which is primarily responsible for higher cognitive functions and the integration of sensory nurture (How Marijuana Works). Lastly, the effect it has on the brain stem can reduce the sensatio n of pain. Alcohol, on the other hand, is processed in a different way than marijuana. Alcohol can only be ingested orally, normally in a liquid form that goes straight down the mouth through the esophagus and into the stomach.The Brown University Health Center gives an in-depth discussion of the digestion process of alcohol in an article titled Alcohol and Your Body. Once in the stomach, the alcohol endures through the walls of the stomach into the bloodstream and on to the small intestine. From there it flows into the liver. In the liver, a compound called gastric alcohol dehydrogenase (vasopressin) metabolizes the alcohol. The amount of ADH a person has will determine how swell up the body can process the alcohol. The more ADH the body has, the better it can process the alcohol. A normal, good for you(p) liver can process about half an ounce of pure alcohol all(prenominal) second.If the rate of alcohol ingested exceeds 1 pure ounce every hour (about 1 standard drink per hou r), the rest of the alcohol continues through the blood stream and flows to the heart. When it enters the heart, alcohol reduces the heart rate, which lowers the amount of blood being pumped through the body. This lets the capillaries relax and as a result, blood pressure goes down. The heart rate will return to normal shortly after the alcohol passes through the heart, but the blood pressure could remain low for up to a half hour after the alcohol goes through the heart.After passing through the heart, alcohol flows through the pulmonary artery into the lungs. After the gas exchange between atomic number 8 and carbon dioxide, the blood, which is now oxygenated but still contains alcohol, flows back to the heart through the pulmonary vein, and then out of the heart through the aorta to the rest of the body. It then reaches the brain and retards the transmission between nerve cells that control the ability to think and move. This causes many of the side effects associated with being drunk fuzzy thinking, impaired judgment, blurred vision, and rubbery muscles.Alcohol also reduces the production of antidiuretic hormones. These hormones prevent the body from making too much urine. A loss of these hormones results in too much urine. in any case much urine causes lower levels of liquid, vitamins, and minerals in the body, which is why many people feel so thirsty when they drink and especially the day after they drink. The flow of alcohol throughout the body will continue until the liver can produce enough ADH to metabolize all the alcohol. Obviously, the more alcohol consumed, the more intense the side effects of drunkenness will become (Alcohol and Your Body).Now that the physiological process of alcohol and marijuana is clear, it is necessary to examine the effects of each substance. Marijuana vs. Alcohol, an article published on saferchoice. org, outlines both the short and long-term effects. Beginning with the short-term effects (effects felt straight within minutes of consuming either drug), both drugs impede brain function and cause whatsoever similar side effects. However, there are some key differences between the two drugs that must be addressed. First, an excess of alcohol consumption in one sitting can lead to death. If the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) gets too high, (usually .4% or above) it can slow down the heart to the point where the contractions stop all together causing cardiac arrest. It can impede brain function to the point where unconscious breathing no longer continues resulting in death. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 37,000 people are killed annually in the United States from alcohol abuse (Marijuana vs. Alcohol). The CDC does not even have a category for people killed from marijuana use. there has never been a case of an item-by-item dying from a marijuana overdose. Another differing effect is the impact each drug has on brain cells.It has been well documented that alc ohol kills brain cells, but marijuana has not been proven to kill brain cells and in fact, a festering number of studies in the medical exam confederacy indicate that marijuana has properties that protect brain cells (Marijuana vs. Alcohol). Alcohol can also have damaging effects in its behavioral components. According to Drugs of Abuse and The Elicitation of Aggressive Behavior, an article written by Peter Hoaken, alcohol is the drug with the most evidence to support a direct intoxication-violence relationship. On the other hand, marijuana was shown to reduce the likelihood of violence during intoxication.The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism also reports 25-30% of violent crimes in the United States have a link to the use of alcohol (Marijuana vs. Alcohol). There is no comparable statistic for violent crimes with a link to marijuana because the government doesnt track violent crimes related to marijuana use. It is a rare occurrence. Alcohol use has also been shown to contribute to domestic abuse and familiar assault. Obviously, alcohol does not directly cause this problem but those are who more prone to that kind of behavior will likely act on it during alcohol intoxication.The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) declared alcohol to be the most commonly used chemical in intimate assault crimes. Interestingly, RAINNs website gives information about all drugs that are linked to sexual violence and marijuana does not even have a category on their website because it has never been associated with sexual assault crimes (Marijuana vs. Alcohol). Clearly, in the short term, the effects of marijuana are less dangerous than alcohol when both substances are used to get intoxicated.But there is another component to the discussion alcohol is not necessarily used for intoxication. Most adults drink a beer, or a methamphetamine hydrochloride of wine with dinner. The drink or two does not cause any of the serious effects associated with drunkenness, but rather talent relax the individual by slightly lowering heart rate and blood pressure. While there are a small minority of people of who use marijuana in this way, (perhaps a small dosage before a meal to improve the taste) it is in no way as widely used in this manner as alcohol. Most people smoke marijuana with the sole purpose of intoxication.So it begs the question, can a drink or two chance(a) be good for the human body? There have been a number of studies in the last decade to suggest that it is indeed beneficial to have a drink or two daily. According to an article Alcohol is Good For You? in the New York Times, there is general consensus in the scientific community that a couple drinks a day ward off diabetes, dementia, and even lowers the risk of heart attacks. The article goes on to say though that a growing number of scientists are starting to question whether this is causation or correlation.Many scientists believe that moderate drinking is not someth ing healthy to do, but rather something that healthy people tend to do. That being said, there are certain factors that lead scientists to the belief that a low amount of alcohol consumed daily can be beneficial alcohol increases HDL cholesterol which has anticlotting effects and alcohol also reduces the heart rate and blood pressure lowering stress on the body. all in all, more studies are being conducted to determine whether or not there is true causation between moderate drinking and marginal health benefits.However, even the largest proponents of moderate drinking acknowledge the limitations in truly proving causation. The meditate would be costly and in order to avoid bias and controversy, the study would have to be financed by the government and the government would likely avoid the issue because it is controversial. In terms of marijuana though, there is no group of respected scientists that press smoking a joint daily for health benefits. There have been studies showing that smoking moderate amounts of weed may not be as harmful as was originally thought, at least to some parts of the body.But again, it still isnt recommended. According to an article in Scientific American called Casual Marijuana Smoking Not Harmful to Lungs, smoking one joint per day over long periods of time does not decrease lung function. The study compared the effects of cigarette and marijuana smoke on the lungs over twenty years. Obviously, tobacco was revealed to have negative effects on the lungs, but with pot-smokers, lung capacity was not affected at all and even in some cases seen to have mild improvement.Scientists believe though that this may the effect of the deep breathing that marijuana users often do to sustain a better high. Also, the emblematic marijuana smoker might smoke one joint per day while the typical cigarette smoker ingests between half a pack and two packs per day. Although the study shows some neutral and slightly positive effects of marijuana on th e lungs, they also go on to say that chronic moderate marijuana use, meaning those who smoke up to a joint per day for years, has also been associated with anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and depression.Again, it is hard to prove direct causation between marijuana and mental illnesses, but there certainly is a correlation. The article also says that marijuana affects learning and memory, as well as everyday functioning and alertness. These long-term effects are not necessarily shocking, but depending on the age of the marijuana user, the long-term effects can be extremely detrimental. According to Adolescent Pot Use Leaves Lasting genial Deficits an article in Science Daily, marijuana use has much more serious effects on adolescents.The study followed a group of teenagers, documenting their IQ at age 13 and age 38. There was an intermediate decrease of 8 points in those who started using pot chronically (at least once a week for a few years) before 18 years old. There was not a similar decline in those who started using the drug after 18. Worst of all, the damage was irreversible. Many of the ones who lost IQ points halt smoking marijuana after age 18, but never recovered the cognitive ability they lost due to marijuana.Those who smoked chronically before age 18 were also more likely to suffer from mental illnesses at some point in their life. Many of the same losses in cognitive functioning are associated with underage drinking as well. One of the main reasons the drinking age in the United States is 21 is because it has been proven in legion(predicate) studies that alcohol abuse as an adolescent impairs cognitive ability and hinders brain function. Generally speaking for drinkers of all ages, one of the largest long-term effects of chronic alcohol abuse is a wide variety of cancers.Alcohol abuse can cause cancer of the stomach, esophagus, colon, pancreas, liver, and even the prostate (Marijuana vs. Alcohol). In comparison, marijuana has not been associated with any forms of cancer. There is another alarmingly serious consequence associated with alcohol abuse that has not been found with marijuana abuse addiction. Alcohol is a very addictive substance. It is not uncommon for the body to go through alcohol withdrawals after continuous drinking over even a short period of time.Common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, twitchiness, sweating of the palms, and headaches. Marijuana has not been shown to cause any physical withdrawal side effects. There might be a psychological addiction, but no physical symptoms of withdrawal in the body (Marijuana vs. Alcohol). In conclusion, neither drug is recommended in large amounts over a long time period or any time period for that matter. Clearly though, in the short-term, the effects are far less grave and dangerous with marijuana. Alcohol overdoses are deadly.Marijuana overdoses will cause to you to pass out at worst, but will not kill you. Alcohol in large quantities makes pe ople more violent, and can often to lead to sexual assault. Marijuana does neither. Prolonged abuse of either substance though leads to declining cognitive function. Excessive marijuana abuse leads to depression, schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses. Excessive alcohol abuse can lead to liver failure, cancer, sometimes depression, and many other diseases. Most importantly, both drugs are especially damaging to adolescents because they affect the development of the brain.Overall, these two drugs, when used in moderation, wont kill you, and might even have some beneficial effects. For example, marijuana is often used as a medicine many people recovering from chemotherapy use it to relieve sickness and increase the appetite. One or two drinks of alcohol per day can lower the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke. The big difference between the two is that alcohol has been studied for decades now. The consensus on alcohol is clear too much is bad and it is acceptabl e in moderation.Marijuana has not been studied as extensively and more research will need to be done to determine concrete side effects or benefits associated with long-term usage. Obviously, it is not as harmful as originally thought when it was first made illegal in 1970 and classified as a Category 1 drug. Nobody straightaway thinks marijuana is as dangerous as LSD and heroin. That being said, many more studies need to be done before the scientific community can come up with a general consensus about the long-term effects of habitual usage of the drug.Works CitedAdolescent Pot Use Leaves Lasting Mental Deficits Developing Brain Susceptible to Lasting Damage from Exposure to Marijuana. ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 27 Aug. 2012. Web. 18 Nov. 2012. http//www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2012/08/120827152039. htm. Alcohol and Your Body. Rep. Brown University Health Education, n. d. Web. 18 Nov. 2012. http//brown. edu/Student_Services/Health_Services/Health_Education/alcohol,_tobacco, __other_drugs/alcohol/alcohol__your_body. php. Bosner, Kevin. How Marijuana Works. HowStuffWorks. N. p. , n. d. Web. 18 Nov.