Thursday, June 20, 2019

Collecting Information and Forecasting Demand Essay

Collecting Information and Forecasting Demand - Essay utilizationThe last component is the model of marketing which refers to the model that is followed by an organization and its marketing team in developing and implementing marketing plan in value to increase the sales and awareness of an organizations goods and services. One of the most important part of the marketing intelligence system is internal records of the system and these records are essential as they help in identifying and differentiating between those marketing process that are operating in an effective and efficient manner and those systems that are ineffective and inefficiently operating. pillow slip of one such record are the sales invoices of an organization and these sales invoices help in depicting the sales level of different products and services of a company (Kotler, 2012). If the sales invoices depict that the sales of a particular good and service has worseningd, the information can be useful in identify ing the reasons that led to the decline and can even help in identifying solutions to increase

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