Friday, June 14, 2019

Legal Process Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Legal Process Paper - Essay ExampleIn filing a charge, fundament must provide his name, address and telephone number as well as similar details about his employer. He must also include development about the number of employees at the organization, if he is aware of this. A brief description of the eccentric that occurred on the basis of which he wishes to file his compliant, must be included and John must also describe when it happened and why and how he believes it violates his rights. However, John must take care to file his complaint within a period of 180 days after the discriminating incident occurred, and if this cartridge clip period runs out, then his rights whitethorn no longer be protected. If the nature of Johns charge is such that it also falls within the purview of anti-discrimination, whether local or state based, then an extension would be allowed on the time period of filing to 300 days. Such state based organizations are referred to as Fair Employment Practices Agencies (FEPAs), and the work on a charge that is filed may be shared between the EEOC and the FEPAs, so that Johns interests would be protected under both federal and State laws.If John is filing a suit for discrimination on pay issues, then this would fall under the purview of the Equal pay Act, in which case there would be no time limits for filing and John would also be entitled to directly file his suit in a court of law. However, in cases of discrimination on other grounds, John must first allow his case to be processed by the EEOC, which will determine whether a violation has occurred. In the event there is a violation, efforts will be made by the EEOC to suggest measures for conciliation with the employer. If the resolution proposed by the EEOC is not satisfactory to John or if the EEOC is unrealized in getting an employer to comply and compensate John, then he will be notified of his right to file the suit in a court

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