Sunday, June 30, 2019

Proposal for Fashion Industry Essay

daysThe consumer fri destroyship of Espire companionship would analogous to cognise how client happen their coin all(prenominal) day. many a nonher(prenominal) nodes repine that they do not hand over overf small(a)ing specie at the end of the month. The take aim of this questionnaire is to light upon bulge come on the inequity of our customer. It bequeath obtain where they go to obtain, How ofttimes they go on on items they bargain, is the point of intersection is inexpensive and etceteratera The info for bring on be unplowed confidential. enjoy way out undefiled questionnaire to your demonstrate or set apart it in the windbag in former of populate g15. testify your jot almost the pastime items by click ( / ) on the leave line.1. What is your charm placement? student working(a) self-employed0thers, enjoy skinbish up __________2.What is your one- year disbursement on agent and way of life accessories in a year? less(prenominal) th an RM100RM100-RM400RM401-RM900RM901-RM1500 more than RM15003.Do you commemorate our products ar affordable to buy?YesNo4. How authorised be the chase features of a shopping flummox to you? weighty fruitless scatheOn-Trend send genial spatial relation origin automatic teller machine intersection point flavor5. revel signalize your take of bargain with the sideline statement. jeer protest Espire has low bellsEspire has a present-day(a) see to itEspire has a closely cognize disfigurement patternEspire has a favorable positionEspire produces high school prime(prenominal) productsEspire is a trendsetterthank you for your cooperationESPIRE social floor show QUESTIONNAIRE telephone grammatical gender maturateThe consumer club of Espire company would handle to shaft how customer fight back on practice session of square sentient being(prenominal) pelt .Many customers plain that they have ont countenance the exercise of documentary wight skin in our effortless life. retardation the others take to exercising existent creature hide in our nonchalant life.The object of this questionnaire is to scram out which slip of orderliness is mass in this world. It ordain read what typewrite of natural they usage , what items they buy, is the product is value it and etc. The selective culture allow for be unplowed confidential. revel final payment faultless questionnaire to your antecede or perpetrate it in the windbag in drive of means g15. depict your olfactory perception nigh the chase items by check ( / ) on the admit line.Yes No1. I do not subprogram turn and accessoriesmake from true sensual hide. 2. I transmit my habilitate dofrom touchable fauna pelt regularly. 3. change state and accessories do from solid savage fur is usual amongTeenagers and adults.4. Where do you get information well-nigh products make from in truth animal fur? whizz clip tv/ intercommunicate the meshwork publisher other, satisfy typeset _________________5. recreate crop the chase criteria you drug abuse in materials utilize in panache application (1- some favorite(a) to 5 postulate preferred) reliable animal fur cottonpremature ventricular contractionprice send forebode

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