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Aircraft Materials and Hardware Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Aircraft Materials and Hardware - Essay ExampleThis, thus imply that race was the main melodic theme under scrutiny. In this respect, the police detective showed that only AA children displayed association between cardiovascular regulation, BMI growth, and childhood corpulency. As much as the researcher conclusively showed that poor cardiovascular regulations can be a serious risk factor for the development of obesity, the complete mechanism of this link could not be assessed by this study (Graziano et al., 2011). It is consequently prudent to set up a research that investigate if there was an association between obesity and cardiovascular diseases among children within the age range fin to ten but not limited to African American children. It is also evidenced from the literature so far explored that there is lacking research to escort if age is a factor as far as childhood obesity cases are concerned. Clearly, most researchers tend to focus on other factors as gender, and gen etics providing little information on how different age groups among children differed significantly or not. For instance, it is cited that Childhood obesity is increasing at the alarming rate oecumenic with America alone having 17% obese children and adolescent between the age of 2 and 19. This studies show that although genetic compositions are still regarded as major contributor, obesity among children has almost doubled in recent years indicating change in lifestyle as an important reason. In another separate study, which used a minimum of 30 students from 134 high schools of America, the study population was classified according to region, size, ethnicity, and curriculum. This study evaluated the influence of physical activities, sedentary activities, and dietary habits on AA childhood obesity. Results, as recorded by Dodor et al. (2010) in this article, state that low physical activities and high sedentary lifestyle increase body weight and obesity in the adolescents. Also, great intake of fruits and vegetable reduce obesity. However, this study did not establish any relation between different age groups children in relation to obesity. One or two statements concerning age as a factor were mentioned however, there is no detailed study that focused on age as a ascendent factor among children. This paper thus, proposes a research to be conducted to ascertain if obesity significantly changes as children transform from toddlers to adolescence. In the proposed study seeking to ascertain if there existed an association between obesity and cardiovascular diseases among children within the age range five to ten but not limited to African American children, the researcher should employ a quantitative research

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