Sunday, June 16, 2019

Report on TESLA case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Report on TESLA case study - Essay Exampletop managers, Tesla has been able to achieve success while at the same while adopting effective strategies such as the latest increment of more patents to more than 250. In addition, the partnership that the company has formed with companies such as Daimler makes Tesla to boast a strong capital base. Tesla value chain analysis covers aspect such as inbound logistics, operations, and outbound logistics among others. Despite being a company with a strong support from the customers, Tesla was at one time involved in PR issue that involved poor batteries that lacked the information from the company on how to physical exertion them. Major business level strategies that ar covered by the paper include use of extensive technology and innovation, formation of value-creating partnership, and production of cars that have unalike facilities as needed by the customers. Similarly, Tesla adopts corporate strategies such as expanding its market share, existing products into new markets such as Hong Kong, China and Australia among others, and production diversification among others. The study models that are covered to analyse Tesla operations include SAF and STAIR Models. Additionally, the paper provides some recommendation to the company such as penetrating emerging markets, establishing search and development centres in the developing countries, and continuing with product development among others.The purpose of using this analysis is to evaluate the risks and opportunities in the external environment that bottom have impact on the performance of Tesla. These include social, political, economic, environmental and technological factors.Tesla sells their cars in more than 17 countries in Asia, North America and West Europe. Protection laws are put in place for companies manufacturing cars to strictly meet the environmental laws on emission, thus the Tesla have to come up with the methods of dealing with the political pattern t hat can influence their business operations (Bernardez, 2005).

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