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Wars Of The Roses :: essays research papers

In the late 1400s the House of York fought the House of Lancaster for the English crown. Because Lancasters communicative badgewas a red rose and the Yorks was a white rose, the wide conflict became known as Wars of the Roses. The echt lives of themain participants of the Wars of the Roses lead be dis walkovered in this paper. In Shakespeares Richard troika the participants in theWars of the Roses were not befittingly displayed. The participants in Shakespeares Richard III were Henry Tudor, Clarence,Edward V, Richard III Queen Margaret will have their lives displayed in this paper.In the Shakespeare play Richard III was depicted as a malformed mean, ill looking, tyrant. But this was not the case. RichardIII was a nice and handsome man. Shakespeare only did this so that Queen Elizabeth would be pleased with what she sawwhen she went to watch the play. Because Queen Elizabeth was a Lancaster, Shakespeare wanted her family to look noble.Richard III couldnt have been deformed as Shakespeare verbalize that he was, because in real life Richard III was a knight thatfought in battles. He couldnt have been deformed if he were a knight because he would have to fight with his sword and search give tongue to that in the play Clarence was a good guy who loved everybody, but in real life Clarence wasjailed and executed for committing treason. search engine said that in the play, Shakespeare said that Richardhad Clarence killed so that he could have an uncontested line to the throne. Shakespeare besides said that Richard killed youngEdward V and his brother so that he could be next in line for the crown. But that is not true for Richard rattling didnt do it.There is a lot of speculation active rather Richard did it or not. There is more evidence supporting Richard. or so scholarsbelieve that Richard didnt trust the Southern English so he sent young Edward V and his brother up north to be guarded byone of Richards consultant s by the name of Sheriff Hutton. stated that Shakespeare also said that Richardmarried Lady Anne but later killed her. In real life Clarence, disguised as a guardian, hid her in a London bakery. Richard laterfound her and brought her to a church sanctuary so that they could have a legal marriage, in which they later did. Shakespearealso said that Richard was always plotting ways that he could become king such as killing his brother Clarence and killing young

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