Friday, February 8, 2019

Hip Hop vs. Ethics Essay -- World Cultures Music Morals Essays

Ethics of The melody IndustryWorks Cited Not IncludedHip-hop tillage has been socially labeled as deviant, a counter-culture, un-American because of its lack of moral. Specifically, gangsta rap which glorifies guns, sex, violence, drug use and gang activity has been castigated. This type of rap promotes a nonconforming and rebel adaptive behavior. As a result, it gives hip-hop culture a deviant label. A simple definition of deviance is behavior that does non conform to sort out-shared norms behavior that (in some focus) does not meet the expectations of a group or a society as a whole and is area to social control (Liska 2). Mr. Kirkland, along with rap entrepreneur Russell Simmons, Grammy award-winning cat D, Charles Fisher and the NAACP are major moral entrepreneurs of the nascent grass-roots reform accomplishment and pillars to the hip hop culture industry. Raptivism, At the core of their campaign is a conviction that amounts to heresy in some quarters of the rap land A rtistic images do influence behavior, especially when it comes to young people, and that the industry has a responsibility to counter the glorification that empowers kids, rather than landing them in jail (Marks 1). The deviance label of rap music has created an atmosphere for moral alarm in which big names in the hip hop culture are acting as morale entrepreneurs to counter-act and make a transformation. tally to act-utilitarianism, the controversial lyrics of hip-hop artists may have a greater end of good consequences over the bad consequences. Therefore, they create the greatest happiness inside hip hop culture. The function of raptivism is feasible because of the potential power of this grass-roots endeavour to create a flux of positive m... hip-hops survival will be their choice. Raptivism aims to attain overall greatest happiness. It is a plan to overcome its shocking image that larger society has labeled it to have. Russell Simmons raptivism movement is the mor e or less agreeable choice due to the extremity of other viable solutions. One possible solution could be the censorship of hip-hop music, which has been proven unconstitutional and has neer held up in court due to the constitutions freedom of speech amendment. another(prenominal) solution is to leave hip-hop the way it is now. Creating this movement is an effective way to respond to the moral dilemmas and negative image that hip-hop has obtained, while not trying to censor nonconformists. Besides, it will be lead by the most influential leaders and creators of the industry, whom which also has support from the most respected and noteworthy rappers.

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