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Macbeth Study Guide title I, ikon 1 1. How does the cultivate Macbeth open up in the first snap? What spectre/mood/ breeze is created? 2. The last line Fair is disgustful and, foul is lovely go forths paradoxical. What do you think the witches take to be? Act I, scene 2 1. What denomination is given to Macbeth for courage in battle? 2. Macbeth does not appear in this scene, except the audience still learns a great bundle approximately him. How is he portrayed? How does this portrayal build his contribution? Act I, scene 3 1.What are the three prophesies given to Macbeth by the weird sisters? Why does Macbeth take the last one so seriously? 2. What does Macbeth introduce in lines 127-144? Why are they adduce aside? 3. By the end of the scene, Macbeth decides not to knock off great power Duncan. What does this emphasize about Macbeths character? Why is this of the essence(p) to present early in the play? Act I, scen e 4 1. What impression do you take out from Duncan as a creation and as a King? Does he have a shortcoming? 2. How is Macbeth reacting to those around him in this scene? What may he be considering? Act I, scene 5 1. The outset fate in Macbeths letter makes it very clear how he feels about the Weird Sisters. What is his opinion of them? 2. Lady Macbeth provides the audience with to a greater extent hit the sackledge about her husbands character. What does she say? From what you know and then far of Macbeths character, would you agree? Act I, scene 6 1. The opening dialogue between King Duncan and Banquo depends on dramatic ridicule for its full effect. Why? 2. Why is it set aside that Lady Macbeths response to Duncan be lavish and baseborn? What imagery is use? Act I, scene 7 1. In the opening soliloquy, Macbeth offers numerous reasons why it would be wrong to kill King Duncan. Paraphrase this words into your own wor ds. 2. How does Lady Macbeth commute h! er husband to go leading with the plan? 3. What does this scene say about Lady Macbeths character? End...If you want to get a full essay, beau monde it on our website:

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