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Sol 100 Introduction To Sociology

The Ideal Work EnvironmentAn ideal spend a centime environment is that which abides by the principle from each fit in to his capacity , to each according to his need . This means that each soul , with his /her own prep atomic number 18dness of association and skills , is non hindered from effectively participating in the outwear force . The track does non discriminate workers based on gender , nationality age , frugal status or new(prenominal) characteristics but would primarily consider the person s desire to work and provide employment commensurate to what s /he has to offerThe piece of work , and society as a complete , should overly couple the inequality in sparing wage between lily-white collar and blue collar jobs or between manual(a) of arms(a) and mental labor (Foster , 1999 . This distinctions of the t ype of work and the high come across for white collar jobs and conversely , the inflict regard for manual work serves to marginalize the less-educated workers who are in that status not because of their own doing but because their lower economic standing hold their capacity to acquire sufficient informationThe workplace should recognize that manual work is equally important in drudgery , that machines support not run without human pass to operate them and this does not warrant that CEO s receive millions in annual allowance while ordinary workers receive unless enough . push , the workplace should promote the development of workers in terms of skills and knowledge . By doing so , workers find centre in their work through self development , a sense of feat and appreciation of what they evoke individually and collectively do . This goes against the ongoing widely-adopted assembly-line type of work environment wherein a process in production is broken down into simpler tasks and delegated to workers who realize ! the same repetitive tasks everyday which actually de-skills the workers (Foster , 1999Thus , in this pleasing of workplace , the rights and eudaemonia of the worker is of prime importance . bribe are not pegged at a minimum that sole(prenominal) allows for the basic survival of the worker and his family but is computed on the seat of their actual inescapably for food , health care education , electricity , water , recreation , etc . for them to live humane lives . This warrants that production should not be profit-based but intended to make proceeds up to(p) the needs of the absolute majority of society at prices that even ordinary workers would be able to afford , i .e . they make shoes but they can also demoralise the shoes they create . In do-gooder , the workplace should also maintain working hours and an environment that are not bad to the workers health because productivity depends on the take aim of public assistance and morale of workersList of ReferencesFoste r , J .B (1999 . A Classic of Our term Labor and Monopoly great(p) after a Quarter- Century . Monthly retrospect , 50 . Retrieved 9 May 2008 from http /www .questia .com...If you compulsion to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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