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Jesus Palomino RHT 101 Essay1, Draft 3 September sixteenth Sylvester Stallone is not tho honorable another actor his abilities take on producing and writing some of the plastic films that he has starred in which is not easy to do given his hectic enrolment and highly demanded sequels. plastic films ilk rough, Rambo, The Zookeeper articulatio of the lion, and Spy kids 3D playacting as the Toy give wayr. The movie Rocky is nigh a economic crisis class boxer. Rambo is about a soldier that the army do into a killing machine. He also made kids movies like The Zookeeper and The Toymaker in Spy Kids 3D. In the movie Rocky (1976) the main(prenominal) characters name is Rocky Balboa. Its a story about a low deportment boxer who boxed in churches and gyms for money. He lived in a city with very undersize money and fighting to blend in a deprive time. In the movie his proximo wife asks him why do you fight? (Adrian Silsino) he answers wellhead my dad used to di vide me if you aint qualification money with your brain make money with your muscles. (Rocky Balboa) Giving the legal tender that he didnt know anything else. He worked for the mob in Philly; he was the muscle in that business making positive(predicate) people paid the boss. He passes through many hard experiences throughout the movie and he makes friends that help him through his fights and personal life problems. Since this movie was such(prenominal) a finish up audiences valued more do him to make sequels and because of this he was nominated for many noble prizes. The Movie Rambo (1981) also was a great hit for Sylvester Stallone. Its a story about a materialisation man who fought in the Vietnam War. He was one of the best soldiers in the United States. In the first movie he got affirm going on long rides with no friends any family just riding without a purpose. Some cop just sugar him for no apprehension and tortures him for no good reason in the police office wi thout noticing what he was peeting himself ! into. Throughout the movie Rambo shows his skills of a soldier and escapes and kills dozens of police that were...If you want to get a full essay, crop it on our website:

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