Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Soc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Soc - Essay Example All members of the public have to be given a chance to take part, question, introduce assertions and express their attitude on a matter that touches their lives. Since the best decision is based on a wide number of contributions, the internet would be the best choice for what can be called an ideal speech, as it can reach any people than any other known system. The modern society has brought about quiet a lot of divisions along several lines. If not racially(black/white) inclined, then it is will be gender (male/female), religion (Muslims/Christians), Ethnic, and so many others. If used in the correct context, an ideal speech offers freedom from the such mentioned categories by awakening response in every human being. An ideal speech stirs into action a man's birthright of true freedom equal rights and dignity, hence will act reconcile the above mentioned divergent groups. According to Habermas, there are four different social formalities; The Traditional, the Primitive, the Capitalist and the Post-Capitalist. Out of these classes, the Post-Capitalism is more preferable as it depicts the principles of an ideal speech more than the others. It represents the modern society which is more discursive and allows for consensus unlike the other three which are quiet stringent in characteristics. The Post-Capitalistic society gives room for a pluralistic participation when it comes to decision making.

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