Monday, October 7, 2019

Reflection on Leadership Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Reflection on Leadership - Coursework Example Such a position demanded a competitive individual with high potential leadership, in training, experience and passion. The organisation was at the pioneer in an already saturated market. To maintain the position was receiving challenges daily and required leadership with a vision and mission as lain down in the organization’s statements. For this reason, desperate job seekers were not to be entertained in the application for the position, which made it vital to inform the interested persons through the job advert about particulars of the position. Secondly, it is a requirement legally with the consequence of familiarising the potential candidates with information relevant to their job, as well as, their expected responsibilities (Torrington et al. 2005). With this regard, the organisation had no choice but to follow the legal requirements. On this note, it is necessary to reflect on the nature of leisure centre undertakings, as there are scores of organizations offering such s ervices, but in illegitimate grounds. Such organisations stretch their operations to compromised levels, a fact that the general public is aware of. To avoid any suspicions and any doubts on the part of our potential candidates for the job offer, we had to lay down the job expectations. Lastly, the job description was an indispensable tool to us as the pioneers of the organisation. At the drawing board, we realised that, by describing the job to be carried out by the management we wanted to employ in the organization, it simplified the task of putting down the information needed by the job advertisement. Equally, the job description went deeper than just the title level; it enhanced the possibilities of obtaining competitive candidates (Torrington et al. 2005). At this point, it became handy to give the description of the job as Sports Facilities Manager in the sports department. The location of our organisation was also provided as Hatfield. Moreover, the responsibilities of the ma nager were provided as responsibility of supervision and management of our organisation besides assisting in the creation and development of the Leisure centre’s annual budget. With duties of facility planning, Inclusive of facility redesign, constructions, buying or selling together with leasing of sports facilities and supervision of the facilities, the manger had to be experienced. The manager was to be custodial over crews and staff, as well. There was the need to maintain clarity in the selection criteria to be subjected to the candidates so as to prevent hesitant selection decisions. In addition, explicit selection criteria assist in defining the most suitable procedure as well as the approach to the selection process. Therefore, at this juncture, it was necessary to compare the available theories in the selection criteria. In our case, selection criteria that are typically obtained in the nature of a person specification according to Torrington et al. (2008), was worth y to note. This was because person specification offers another recruitment’s key document aside of the job description. The crucial note with the personal selection criteria is its ability to define the ideal candidate profile negating the characteristics that could never be met fully. In agreement with Porter,

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