Friday, March 1, 2019


Myths mess be considered a common way for society as a whole to develop stereotypical Judgments upon the fourth-year community. Myths create veto attitudes that often create discrimination within society that enhances untruths about the elderly population. In order to see the myths that hinder society as a hole taking a look at what ageism Is is in fact beneficial to bring truth to the table. What Is ageism? Ageism Is a social attitude that has created myths wealth society that have endorsed societys stereotype of ageing adults within communi adheres.Myths ar can be generated by many things much(prenominal) as demeaning comments passed on from person to person or by simply turning on the television and seeing damaging adaptations of what demeanor Is like as an elderly person. Many social psychologists and gerontologists cite the media as a major source of negative stereotypes of the elderly (Martin, 2007) (up. 141). Fear of growing old can generate the social attitudes seen i n ageism that brings about negative behaviors to cloud peoples Judgments and ultimately result In myths. Language is one of the intimately pervasive ways that ageism exists and persists In our society (Wilkinson, Ferreira, & Nelson, 2004, up. 341-342). Terms used in daily conversations such as old people, grumpy old men, they cant do it they are to old are all types of languages that support ageism in society today. Interventions and strategies with ageism are to educate the public on the rigor of discrimination and taunting language directed towards our aging adults.In todays societies many options are available for the elderly to seek refuge in these times of take up. harmonize to Martin (2007), contrary to the common belief of many in the United States, nigh elderly individuals remain in their homes until death and are bring offd for by family members (up. 142). In some situations a family member may move their aging congeneric or loved one into their homes to make it easi er for them to maintain constant care needed on a twenty- four hour basis. Retirement communities passing play numerous accommodations that assist ND care for aging adults in a setting that creates an active lifestyle.Some communities offer clubs, crafts, physical health classes, cooking facilities, pools, exquisite landscapes to walk in and anything else that testament empower yet keep a well balanced lifestyle. Government subsidized senior housing can make housing costs more affordable for the elderly population, whether in the diverseness of a subsidy provided directly to the elderly in form of tax credits, loans, or rental vouchers, or subsidies provided to the housing community, which passes on this force out to the enter (Martin, 2007) (up. 143).Finally there is assisted living facilities (ODL) designed to accommodate individuals who need around the clock care and assistance. This option of residency is an apartment typesetting that is base around structured living. In a n (ODL) environment there will be all types of assistance to various needs from the residence in the forms of eating, bathing, walking, exercising, acquiring dressed and even help with taking medications on time. Most (ODL) communities will have Cans (Certified Nursing Assistants) as well as on tie Urns (Registered Nurses) that provide most of the assistance needed for care.

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