Thursday, February 28, 2019

Short Story: The Desert

Alex ..Alex Where are you? roared mike runway around the desert. He heard cheesy footsteps approach path towards him, they were acquire closer closer but before he could knock over around and get a glimpse of the person, he found his legs running again He ran rapidly. In spite of his efforts, the stranger got hold of microphone. forget me alone, please, I didnt do anything yelled Mike, who was breathless. Finally, the stranger spoke Its me Alex, get a grip on yourself. Why were you running like a barbaric cheetah? With grief, Mike spoke Oh Alex..I thought it was Before he could finish, they hugged apiece other.Mikes tiny, pale blue eyes were filled with tears, which were gradually coming out. Besides, Mikes curb was so bad that even Alexs exceptional sense of humour did not even cheer Mike up. Then, Alex said Come on Alex, lets go for a stroll in a weary tone.The lonely brothers were slow through the boiling desert. Mike was sweltering, particularly his feet, which were crammed in reeking bloodless socks. Ingeniously, as if he had read Mikes mind, he stepped in front of him, with his shimmering, virgin shoes. Alexs healthy and built-up body managed to give his little, unfortunate brother some shade. Mike, who was extremely exasperated, started bickering to himself. A lust of dirt got into Alexs eyes. As he brocaded his sweating long mail, his wristwatch was reflecting rays off light frustrated he cleared the dirt from his eyes. From a far distance, the twin-like brothers spotted a enormous tree filled with dead leaves.Finally, they got some rest. As they sat down, a bunch of starving vultures were hovering around the sky. Mike was wearing a duncical pair of glasses, a tucked shirt, with a tomato red engage and casual pants. Whilst, Alex wore a sports top, low-waist jeans and shoes which were untied. It seems as if they come from two antithetical worlds however, they were brothers and did have similarities.The two ill-fated brothers were stu ck in the middle of the Sahara Desert. The sun had started to set. It was getting dark, and Mike started to panic. Weird sounds of howling were coming and so were grumbling noises came from their alter stomachs. Alex, who was extremely arid, started licking his sticky, sweating palms.It was midnight, and by now, both the brothers were creeped out and the small brother was so scared, he hugged his elder brother. His two pale arms flung around Alexs back. The two brothers could feel the warmth, although thus peaceful moment didnt be long. BANG An extremely loud sound was heard. It seemed as if the sun was lance down into a million microscopic pieces.Mikes heart pounded so loud that Alex could hear it drumming in his chest. An owl hooted closeby and Mike was sure he could see the glimmer of ghostly nocturnal eyes emerging into the night. frenzied animals were approaching them hungrily tonight Alex and Mike would be dinner unless they acted quickly. Mike turned to Alex and said What are they frightened of? What can keep them external?Fire said Alex, we must light a fire now, its our only when chance.Alex had been a boy scout and he jerkyly felt grateful for all those cold and damp camping trips, his parents had made him take. Without wasting a single second, Alex told Mike how to make a fire and both brothers gather the materials together. The flint they found would not light, but all of a sudden a spark ignited and the embers of a fire began to flicker. The dry timberland started to burn rigorously and scared the hungry creatures away.It was only then that Mike saw the stranger approaching through the campfire smoke.

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