Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Greed, Paranoia, and Love Destroying a Real Man :: essays research papers

Many things can buoy ruin a man, but only collar things that can destroy a real man, greed, paranoia and love. I have no mood why I just wrote that last quote, I just apprehension it would be nice to capture my book of account with approximatelything that sounds halfway smart. Anyway, my name is Ammar Barakat, natural on the sixth of July 1980. I am not famous, gifted, smart, adept-looking or powerful, as a matter of fact, I am not finical in anyway. Nevertheless I have decided to write this book to key out my story to the world (hopefully), because believe it or not, I esteem I have lead an interesting and unique life. Before I go any further I guess I should start telling u about my first base few years of life, or what I can remember from it.My first memory was when I was three years old I remember it was me, my associate and my parents sitting in the car and stopping at a mini-market to pick up some chips on our way to the naiant pool. I have no topic why this m emory is plastered in my head because there was nought special about that day we used to always stop at the mini-market with my brother and parents to pick up some chips on our way to the swimming pool. Although I was born in Syria, I spent the first 4 years of my life in the United Arab Emirates. My father had a good job, and we lived in a nice house and had a normal life, real it was ironic since me and my family seemed to be living the American dream in an Arabic country. Since I dont remember much of the UAE days I cant tell u much about it, all could tell u is that any parent would wish to raise their children in the surround that I was raised in. My father went to work, my mother took care of me and my brother, and all me and my brother had to worry about was the amount of French- fries we were going to eat at the swimming pool that day.Then, everything changed. The day that I have always feared has come, it was my brothers first day of school. Dont get me wrong, me and Tar eq were never the best of friends, and I wasnt upset that he was leaving me, oh no, I was jealous of him.

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