Thursday, January 24, 2019

Looking for Mr. Right

Most single people in any society around the world have one thing in common. We ar each looking for a partner that we enkindle marry. each society has its method on how we choose a first mate. The Indians have place matings, the Chinese have online geological date websites, and the Ameri send packings have social gatherings. All of the methods be different scarce do we baring the the perfect partner? turn on a field trip, Serena Nanda, met umteen young singles that was in the process of being arranged for marriage.She couldnt understand, why these young hands and women werent reluctant and against the idea of them being married off to a complete stranger that their pargonnts leg ited. In America we are not employ to the term arranged marriage. In an American society, we marry person we choose, are attracted, and love. Whereas in china they have online dating where they choose from realityy visiblenesss online and yack done emails which then orchestrates to me eting in person and finally acquiring married. In Indian culture arranged marriages have been the norm for many centuries and almost all marriages are arranged.Serena Nanda, met this young intelligent college graduate call Sita. She had been waiting c draw back to over a year for her parents to pick someone whom she would marry. Sita believed, marriage is so important that it should not be left to them, uninitiated people, to choose. Its so important that she left it in the hands of her parents. While, Americans would say, we who are acquire married would recognize best. Since we are going to be spending the recess of our life we should know whom we would pay back on with or whom we love.In contrast, Gong Haiyan is a college educated chinese women, who does not have the luxury of having a selection between arranged marriage or of choosing for herself. If it was up to her parent to pick a partner for her they would be able to find someone whom she would be interested . And i f it was up to her to find someone. She didnt have time and same she said, I didnt know a soul in the city. The nevertheless option she had was online dating. This method is a relatively a new radiation diagram of finding a love. In a Chinese society of 1. trillion people separated from love by three towering mountains,with no social scenes, no time, and no connections. chinawares online dating solves all these problems. With a couple minutes they can create a profile in a online dating website with little or no cash and be connected to other singles. Online dating is designed to help return an efficient way for people to meet potential partners and to put up to know them through emails. Eventually you narrow down your options and if you connect then you get married. This method has worked and many Chinese have found a spouse and are happy.Gong Haiyan and many other found their spouse through online dating are married. For Americans dating takes place in social gatherings. S ocial gatherings can be co-ed softball teams, bars, parties, churches or libraries where people with similar interests can meet and socialize. The process of dating in America is called conventional dating in a social scene. It starts by asking a man or woman of interest out on a traditional date. Usually Americans ask out on several dates to dinners, dances or movies and gets to further explore the relationship and person he or she is.You get to know that persons character and personality through dating and if a friendship is developed then it can lead to a romantic relationship and hopefully lead to marriage. Whereas in India they desire on the parents guidance, they decide if the match is suitable and solely then result the bride and groom have a say. They wont compel their kidskin to marry a person whom they dislike. If the match is refused by one only then will another be sought. The process of looking for a partner for their child is not easy. It may take years to find the right match. pose marriage, online dating and traditional dating have many similarities precisely yet at the same time have many differences. Arranged marriages in India have made me realize just how picky marriage are. In India marriage is not just important between the individuals but also important between the family. They need to know the brides characteristics to find if she will get along with the family of the groom. Once married the bride will fire in with the grooms family and she needs to get along or she can find it very difficult. In the end all they take is someone that has a good personality that the family could get along.Whereas in China and America they dont pay attention to the bride or groom getting along with the family because they are not expecting to move in with the In-laws. For this reason family relationship is miss and is not a priority. Another major difference is how divorce is looked at. In India family reputation is so important that a divorce is still a scandal. And in China and America, divorce is just looked as normal. It happens when two individuals lose interest in each other or when they no time-consuming are happy. In America when one is in love with someone, we dont fretfulness if someone in the household was divorced.It has no weight. In India if someone in the household was divorced it puts the whole family in a negative animated and it makes hard to get re-married. In every society single people are looking for someone to marry. In India the parents of the bride and groom are concentrate in finding the right partner. In China online dating bleed to focus on finding a husband or married woman and in America oneself looks for a prospective partner. In the end the methods are different but the end result is the same, they all find a husband or wife but did they make right finale? Only time will tell.

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