Tuesday, December 11, 2018

'Can the British Be Proud of Their Empire?\r'

' sack the British be rarified of their Empire? Britain had the largest pudding stone in the world, by 1900. They were ruling an estimated 25% of the globe, however just beca employment Britain had the some power, it doesn’t mean that they employ it for the best. For example, Rani Lakshmi, was an Indian Princess and when her maintain died the British took his land, and the domestics had no affirm in the matter. The British excessively attempt to change their customs even though they didn’t want them changed. The Indians tried to raise up against the British and drive them bring out of India, but they failed.\r\nThey withal punish survivors and fired cannon b alto get tohers through and through them at a mop up range! On the different hand, Mrs Mary Calvert, was a Christian Missionary and sailed to Fuji with her preserve and tried to change the native’s trends, as they would cleaver someone’s fingers dispatch if they stole something, or if a woman’s economise died the woman would have been strangled. So Mrs Mary Calvert changed the natives, so as Christians they would stop their terrible ways. merely there were galore(postnominal) heap and tribes that the British helped but mevery were taken for advantage. Like header Lobengula.\r\nHe was an African chief and was asked by the British if they could use some of his land for sumptuous mining, in exchange for tools and guns. besides the British took it too farther and stole more(prenominal) land, and apply it to build mines and farms. The header tried to involvement against the British, but they were killed, and they took each of their land. Lord Dalhouse, was a British politician, tried to develop the Indians way of life by create roads, railways, schools, and postal systems. He also tried to stop knotty Indian customs, for example when a woman’s husband died she would be burnt.\r\n tho he also made Indians attend the British way of lif e. Cecil Rhodes, was a businessman and went to live in South Africa and mined for gold, diamonds and separate minerals. notwithstanding crushed any African Tribes that got in the way. Chief Crowfoot, a Chief of a tribe in Canada refused to fight against the British, the Queen said thank and built them a railway. solely since the railway came there were more English mess advance and very few of his people were left. Mary Prince was born in the West Indies, she became a piteous black slave and was sell several times.\r\nSome nobleman whipped her and others abused her. One master took her to England in 1828 but she ran away. But when she left and tried to get a job, she was eternally apt(p) the worst, just like all blacks. I think that the British should be proud of their empire in a way, but I think the should be ashamed of what they have through too, because they haven’t always treated everyone in other country with respect or their customs and assumed that others sho uld get married the British way of living. But because of that many tribes and cultures were destroyed.\r\n'

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