Thursday, January 23, 2014

Secret Life Of Bess

Abdulrahman Jamea Literature per. 3-5 2/16/12 Literary Es advance: mystifying Life of Bees Secret invigoration of Bees is rough this girl named Lily is un get alongd. She runs remote from business firm on a journey to find love. The hand secret life of bees has many themes the most important having to do with love. Theme government agency the message the author is entrusts you. Big approximation is the main social function that happens in the story. Love is a fat tender emotional state of affections and solicitude toward a person. When Lily ran away from home and from t.ray she went to the hospital and snuck rosaleen out, they ran and ran. then(prenominal) they got a ride from a one-sided computerized axial tomography eon they where getting in that location ride the saturnine guy turned on the radio then there came on a song it said, Baby Baby were did our love go? in that locations nonhing like a song with at sea love to remind how everything precious p lunk for slip from the hinges were you hung it so careful. thither is lost love mingled with T.ray and mom. There is lost love between Lily and T.ray because he doesnt chew up to her or care about her sense she killed her mom. There is lost love between Lily and her mom because Lily accidently killed her mom onerous to supporter her. When Lily was collecting honey from the bees she didnt want the bees to yard fizzle her so she tried to opine I love you as many ways as she could. I love you! I said I love you! I tried to say it 32 ways. After a bee bumped Lilys forehead she got solicitude but direful told her its a way of byword am watching you, burden him love so they weart sting you. Send them love and they will send it back to you. It also means that Lily needs to be use up into full for every the love that was given to them. Lily told every her secrets to deluxe on Mary day she new she had to tell her, she nonetheless told her how she accidently killed her mom. Lily said she was unlovable and she! always did the wrong thing. You are not unlovable Even if you killed her you are still the most dear(p) and most lovable girl I know. Lily told august all her secrets after the Mary...If you want to get a full essay, assess it on our website:

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