Thursday, January 23, 2014

moon on a rainbow

MOON ON A RAINBOW SHAWL Ephraim and genus genus genus Rosa are 2 fictitious characters from the play Moon on a Rainbow Shawl. They live in separate apartments owned by Old Mack in the East Dry River district. Throughout the entire play these ii characters unwrapm to have feelings toward each former(a) even though other characters like them. Ephraim and Rosa dont actually come along to take their relationship to soberly until a bout causing event takes place revealing sides of them that we have neer put one acrossn. We see Ephraim wanting to leave Trinidad precisely Rosa wants him to rest but she eventually watchs pregnant for him. Ephraim non sure if she is sincerely pregnant or just trying to trap him land in Trinidad starts a conflict between them. We see that Ephraim and Rosa get into a serious argument the night when she announces her pregnancy. Ephraim has do up his mind to go extraneous while Rosa wants him to stay and get married s ince she is pregnant but stable Ephraim wants to go away and their argument escalates to the point where violence is used. We see that Ephraim actually throws Rosa out of his room when she insults him. Eventually some other character gets involved in this conflict, Sophia, but she is unable to reposition Ephraims mind. Eventually Ephraim certainly leaves and Rosa is left on her own. though the conflict was resolve the result was non a costly one. The play does not go on to fork over what happens to them but if one were to make a guess it would be that Ephraim lives somewhere beside Trinidad and Rosa has to mine her child with the help of Sophia and her family or she may have gone with Old Mack. In my suppose this conflict could have been avoided if Ephraim and Rosa took their relationship more sternly and did not fool around with each other not thinking of what the results would be. It would have been avoided if they took their relationship seriously becau se Ephraim would have authorized feelings f! or Rosa and may not have left or they would not have fooled around and the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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