Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Dryland Salinity

Dryland Salinity Dry-land salinity is a huge environmental problem. It is important to distinguish between Dry land salinity and irrigated land salinity. In this case the affected area is due to rain and not farmers irrigating crops. Dry land salinity is the gradual loss of land due to rising salt. This salt is raised to the earth's surface by rising groundwater. We have known about this problem since 1924 but have only tried to seriously understand it since the 70's.There are vast amounts of salt in Australia most of which is located underground. It has been built up over thousands of years originating from rock minerals or from sea salt dropped by wind or rain. Australia's native vegetation is adapted to the salty conditions. They have deep roots and high water use that kept the ground water levels low and the system in balance. But when European farming methods were introduced the ground water began to rise.English: Groundwater Management in Wagga Wagga sig...

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