Friday, November 1, 2019

Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 1

Business Strategy - Essay Example The reputation of the university is based upon its volume, immense growth and diverse student base as well as academic and research excellence. The present growth strategy of the university was formulated as a result of the changing policies of the UK government. Looking at the emerging growth of educational sector and changing trends in education business; the university has decided to adopt a sustainable strategy. The growth strategy will include internalization of the university and reaching a distinctive position in research and academic excellence within 2015 (â€Å"Operations and Activities†). The objective of the organization thrusts in creativity and academics. From the strategy map of Leeds University, it is very clear that internalization of university is the main aim of the strategy map. The university has always maintained a trustworthy image. Banking on the equity of the brand Leeds, three growth strategies have been determined, in order to achieve the goals of th e strategy map formalized by the university. 1. Embedding internalization into the core activities of the university. The rationale behind internationalization strategy is to maximize the contribution and alignment of the international activities with the core academic and organizational mission. The strategic ambition of the university is to become one of the top known and respected universities in the world. To fulfil this strategic vision, internalization of the core academic activities should be a priority. In order to achieve this objective, the university will have to establish strategic management groups to look after the governance and well as overall marketing plan of the university (Enders 361-382). These facilities will ensure that proper coordination is achieved between the academic as well as professional and marketing departments and the individual objectives are aligned with the objectives of the organization. The strategic team should keep a track on the changing tre nds in education and as well as student preferences in terms of choice of academics and courses. This will indicate the changing preference of international students and thus, the university can upgrade its courses according to the latest trends. 2. International recruitment The university has been very successful in recruiting international students and has been boasting a large volume of international students. Thus it is very important that the organization sustains its position in the international education market (â€Å"Internationalization Strategy†). This can be achieved by establishing a platform where sustained marketing strategies are prepared to keep attracting international students. Though increasing international recruitment will be an important part of the strategy, the university should also focus into creating the right mix of students in the international segments. This will not only help in achieving a diversified mix of students, but will also avoid any f ormation of racial or ethnic groups (Croft 1-10). Strategic international recruitment will also help in increasing the overall performance of the university as top students from international locations will be invited to pursue different courses in the university. In order to define the right mix and volume of international students, the university can opt for external benchmarking and previous experience of international recruitment. While external benchmarking will help in expanding the mindset of the management, previous

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