Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Problems on Campus

Chelsia Bell Professor Arnold English 1301-005 September 25,2012 Better Food, Healthier People Campus advisors, with very simple solutions, can solve the common health problem of bad food choices on the TJC campus. Replacing non-healthy foods in vending machines, serving healthier food in the cafeteria, and offering smaller sizes of soft drinks are all good solutions to this common problem. Everybody loves picking up a quick snack in between classes; however, sometimes the taste can throw us off and make us forget about the real picture.Most of the snacks in the vending machine are very good, but are also very high in calories, carbs, and definitely sugars. While you are enjoying your snack you have no care in the world about what you are putting in your body. If we would all just take a quick second to think about what are eating, I’m sure the amount of obesity among people, not just on campus but everywhere, would drop considerably. Replacing snacks like Reese’s, Kit- Kat, and chocolate bars with healthy snacks like the 100 calorie snacks and crackers, would easily make a significant change.Cafeteria food can sometimes be good and sometimes not so good. Because of budgets, cafeteria food could be minimum quality. They may serve whatever is cheapest at the moment with any concern about providing healthy food. Putting options like salads, baked stuff instead of fried, and serving smaller portions will also cut down on all the health problems on campus. Sometimes even juice instead of a soda can help.If the people in the cafeteria and the people over the food on campus would be more concerned about everybody else’s health, I’m sure the food choices would be a lot better. Healthier food choices equal a healthy person. Small, Medium, or Large are words that we hear most of the time when we order a soft drink. Most of the time the mediums are big enough to share with 2 people. Drinks have just gotten bigger and bigger. Offering the mini s izes of soft drinks in the vending machines would be a very good idea.Sodas are already not good for you in many ways, so the serving that comes in the mini size is plenty for anybody. It is usually difficult for me to drink a whole regular sized soda by myself. Food is always tricky. You just have to make sure you are the eating the right thing at the right time. The bad food choices on the TJC campus can easily be solved with help from supervisors and maybe even some sponsors. Nobody should have to be constantly worried about their health. Putting these better food options on campus can easily ease everyone’s mind.

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