Friday, October 18, 2019

Email Pragmatics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Email Pragmatics - Essay Example This essay stresses that language is a very unique phenomenon that comes with several types and rules. Different people speak different languages and even within the same sect of people using a particular language, there are several rules that govern language usage. Because of this, language creates a learning process for itself, which cannot be overlooked or under estimated if a person wants to make effect and judicious use of language. One other interesting feature about language is that the learning of language is almost perpetual, being studied at all levels of education, and ever changing in form and principles. One of the levels of studying and applying language is the focus of the current essay, which is the subject of pragmatic conventions. This paper declares that pragmatics has been identified to be an important area or level of language that emphasizes on the use of language in a social context. Even though most social interactions take place in a more physical form, involving utterances and speeches, it cannot be denied that there have been avenues by which social interactions and social networking have existed through written platforms. Some of these include the use of letter writing, social media networking and emails. Pragmatics as a social context of language therefore highlights both utterance and text meaning to language. The exchange of messages between people has been a common practice for ages.

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