Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Renoir and Mayo Art Comparative Analysis Essay

While both Renoir and Mayo’s art are similar in that they are both from earlier time periods, they are different in culture and where each scene from the painting takes place. Renoir’s painting is a French impressionism, while Mayo’s is contemporary American folk art. Renoir’s piece, Juenes filles au Piano, was painted in 1892, during the 19th century. In this piece, two girls are sitting at a piano. Renoir’s piece shows a wealthy like atmosphere because there are fancy curtains, a nice couch in the background, and the two girls are playing a piano meaning they are wealthy enough to have the privilege to play such an expensive object. The expression on both the girls’ faces look determined, as if they are practicing for a very important piano recital, but also look quite tired of practicing the same sheet of music for hours. Meanwhile Mayo’s piece is Contemporary American folk art instead of a French impressionism. Even though Mayo’s piece, Just Visiting, was painted in 1991, one can see it as an old vintage painting with a rural setting. The lighting in both pieces of art is very different, Renoir’s oil painting has dark, faint, smooth colors. Mayo’s lithograph has bright, light colors. Though Renoir and Mayo’s painting are very different in numerous ways, they are also very similar. Both pieces show the different culture and wealth of the pieces. The ways the people are dressed in both painting are also very similar. In both paintings, the characters are wearing long dresses, just like the one’s people wore back in the day when there was no electricity or motor vehicles. While both Juenes Filles au Piano and Just Visiting are similar in the time periods, they are different in meaning and culture.

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