Friday, September 13, 2019

Natural Selection Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Natural Selection - Lab Report Example eby the trait of interest has an optimum value, and finally, Disruptive curve in which organisms that have the largest and the smallest values of any given trait boots of highest fitness value and conversely, organism that have intermediate values are disadvantaged. Considering the above stated facts, it is seen that in the long term, Directional selection results to generation of the new type of species from the existing species. This is unlike stabilizing in which the given specie maintains its existing type without any variation over the long period of time. It has been found that stabilizing selection results in the refinement of the existing specie type. On the other hand, disruptive selection facilitates favouritisms of given individuals of a given phenotype (Williams). This experiment’s main objective is the comparison on how the population size varies in different generations depending on different environmental conditions, determination of the effect of different predator types on the population of prey, and the gaining of graphing and interpretation knowledge. In this habitat, the number of Clothespin is increasing linearly while knives and spoons are decreasing as the generation changes. However, number of spoons decreases from first generation to second generation, then it starts increasing. In this habitat, the number of S. pea preys decreases tremendously in all the generation. The number of White and pinto decreases from first generation to second generation and starts increasing from generation 2 to generation 3 The number of Forks and clothespin in this habitat is almost constant. The change in the number of spoons increases tremendously from generation 1 to generation 2 and decreases from generation 2 to generation 3 As the Number of predators increases, the number of preys decreases. This is due to the fact that an increase in the number of predators results into more preys being eaten and as a result, their (prey) number decreases. Also,

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