Monday, September 23, 2019

Information Engineering Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Information Engineering - Essay Example cus, it was soon found out by the White brothers that they had a winning business formula and were able to expand their business through acquiring new premises at different locations in the United Kingdom. By the end of 2008, White & White Theatre Group became an established cinema group with five cinemas in London, two in Brighton, and one in Portsmouth. At present, White & White Theatre Group is one of the leading cinema groups in the United Kingdom. The time when the White brothers launched their first cinema at Great Portland Street, they did not feel any need of using information technology in their newly established business. As a result, all the management and operational tasks were carried out using manual systems. As the White brothers expanded their business by increasing the number of cinemas, they knew there was a need to improve reporting but considering the high profits in the eighties, they did not show enough enthusiasm to really address improvements. Each cinema was run as a separate small business, with the cinema site manager being responsible for all operations on their site. Tickets for each show were sold using ticket books. As a result of significant advancements in information technology and an increase in use of personal computers in the 1990’s, it became unavoidable for the White brothers to run their business using information technology. Electronic Cash Registers were launched in all cinemas in the nineties, and in the late nineties, personal computers were introduced for word processing and spreadsheets. The company also gained capability of internet presence but only for advertising purposes rather than tickets sales which were done through telephone or in person. With the rapid growth of competition from other cinema chains, especially from multiplex cinemas showing the similar types of films found in White & White Theater Group programmes, nowadays the profits are falling day by day. At present, the top management is deeply

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