Thursday, September 26, 2019

Answer ONE of the following questions Assignment

Answer ONE of the following questions - Assignment Example The following paper consists of authentic journal articles and books which highlight differing perspectives on religion. Where some of the theorists and historians believed that the society was stabilized with the help of the existence of religion. On the contrary others emphasize that conflicts with in society is due to the surfacing of the concept of religion. The latter, believes that it does not stabilize society rather it instils hatred in the heart of believers in directly that becomes the reason for the conflict eventually, within a society. In the sands of time, lies the supporting evidence which suggests that religion has always attracted the west as a form intuition that has provided solace to those who are lost and oppressed. Western historians have always pinpointed that religion that can act as a source for revival for those who are in trouble or are in search of hope, and seemingly the religious institutions have never failed to provide hope and courage in the face of d ifficulties. Nevertheless, Steve Bruce argues that modernization and surfacing individualism has re-shaped the concept of religion altogether. The religious beliefs and practices, as well as the standing and position of religion have been altered in the western society (Bruce, 1996). Bruce mentions that in the Middle Ages, religion was straightforward that taught if a certain act was not followed than the hell awaits the individual. Moreover, religion was explained to the masses in Latin which everyone was not aware of, those who professed religion would deliver sermons in the church in Latin and individuals were expected to listen to it and act morally. Saints exerted power for women to get rid of their husbands, while other Saints possessed the power to fight the evil and save the crops and the men. Church back then set the state laws decided among the priests. Therefore, it can be put in to words by saying that back then religion and cult were parallels (Bruce, 1996). However, th e new age of religion surfaced with the entrance of Martin Luther. With his arrival church was changed by introducing different languages. Individuals could now understand what was delivered as sermon in the church, Hymns were sung in folk melodies, and an individualistic approach to God was developed. This approach took a new turn and meaning. People did what they felt was right not what was told to them was right. This introduction of individualism brought with it differing sects, church denominations became secondary, new religions in its wake raised heads. Thus, Bruce emphasizes that freedom in religion is what one could refer to as cult, which will further define religion in the 21st century (Bruce, 1996). Nevertheless, Marx’s Conflict Theory emphasizes the view that in order to control the society there are certain classes that develop tools. These classes have developed the lust to stay in power and in control of those under them. Therefore, in order to maintain the po sition and status quo, tools such as values, norms, and religion are manufactured; including ideology and coercion ideology in order to maintain their position. To Marx religion served as the one of those tools of the Elite class, he emphasized that religion was an ideology that indirectly or directly justified the control and rule of the upper-class. Therefore, it will not be wrong in saying that for Marx the conflict was between the classes and the rat race of staying ahead was the focal point

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