Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What are the most important stratgic of quality mangent Research Paper

What are the most important stratgic of quality mangent - Research Paper Example Applying some tools of Total Quality Management is the secret of that successful. The most important strategies of Total Quality Management that should be established in the successful companies are quality circle, quality improvement team, quality of human resources, and employing the six sigma as one of the strategies. First understanding and employing quality circle drive companies to success. The order of quality circle that will be following is starting from main management of the company through employees, product or service, and customer which ending in the company by getting higher income. First of all, employees are vital part of the companies since they are the people who are working to provide the service or production of the product. Only if the company has good employees, will it success. That is the reason of the hiring employee into the quality circle which will be the way of driving organization to success. According to Berry (1991), Managing the Total Quality Transformation, by the quality circle the employees should be wishful to share within the higher planning of Total Quality Management since their effort will be spent on, also staff will be more productively. That shows staff will be working with high quality in their work environment, if they participated in their department p lan because they will spend their energy and time on it. Secondly, customer satisfaction is the only logical method to maintain the high level of progress and success in companies. If the company won the customer satisfaction which could be achieved by the quality circle, that will be reflected on the increase in production and in their income. Which means itll have the opportunity to achieve a high percentage of sales and to widening the scope of the customer. According to Nocero (2002), in his article â€Å"Seal of Approval† customer could control cost of products or services by their satisfaction. Therefore, the

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