Saturday, August 10, 2019

How interactive multimedia affects young children Essay

How interactive multimedia affects young children - Essay Example This essay declares that interactive multimedia has huge positive impacts on the psychology of learners that shows up in the form of rapid shift in the child’s mood and inclination towards studies. What fundamentally upgrades multimedia educations as compared to traditional educational setup is that moving picture keeps the viewers interest in the subject alive for hours. They can maintain their concentration for prolonged periods of time. This paper makes a conclusion that multimedia has been successfully employed as a means of conveying education in many advanced countries of the world in the present age. Children have been able to enhance their cognitive skills with the advent of multimedia in the educational system. Children who have gained maximum benefit from the incorporation of multimedia in education are the ones suffering from Autism. Use of interactive multimedia in education enhances the computer skills of children sufficiently enough so as to progress in an information based culture of the modern world. Teachers prefer to make use of multimedia because it provides them with an opportunity to overcome the shortfalls of conventional teaching methods and allows the students to apply what all they learn from their texts. According to Gilliver, Randall, and Pok, the multimedia not only facilitates learning but also proves cost effective in that increased usage decreases the cost per use.

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