Thursday, July 25, 2019

Strategic Alignment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Strategic Alignment - Assignment Example Hong Kong is the heart of for the group with three properties in this city. These include the Landmark, Excelsior, and Mandarin Oriental. These properties have registered a greater performance despite the competition in the hotel segment in Hong Kong. Landmark, Excelsior, and Mandarin Oriental generate 38 percent of the total revenues of the group. Mandarin Oriental performs best and utilizes well the market space in Hong Kong contributing an approximate of 15 US dollars per square meter. The group has witnessed a heavy growth of visitors from the mainland China to Hong Kong. In the year 2011, China attracted about 28 million of visitors to Hong Kong. Mainland China recorded 28,100,129 in 2011 and 22,684,388 in the year 2010 (Group Communication 2). It was 67 percent of the total clients of the Mandarin Oriental. Relaxation for individual Visa Scheme in China to people visiting Hong Kong will benefit Mandarin Oriental in its ambitious project of investing in branded residences. This is the principal value driver, which will support Mandarin Oriental competitive method in the hotel industry in Hong Kong. The competitive method capitalizes on the growth of tourism industry in Hong Kong. Tourism industry contributed to growth of Hong Kong GDP by 15.2 percent. There are projections that GDP in Hong Kong will increase by 2.4 percent in 2012. The rate of visitors’ expenditure is favorable for this future and ambitious project of Mandarin Oriental. In 2011, the visitors’ spending was 6,094 US dollars. This was approximately 21 percent increase of the record of 2007 (Group Communication 1). This consistent growth in tourism expenditure will be an advantageous to Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong. Currently, the Mandarin Oriental uses creative marketing strategy that lays a lot of emphasis on the strengths of the group. The marketing plan addresses a comprehensive set of factors that influence the marketing for the hotel. Sound

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