Monday, July 29, 2019

Labor Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Labor Relations - Essay Example Otherwise, if they could not be regarded as such commodities within the free labor market, they (employees) could have been dismissed in a procedural manner where they are informed of their terms of dismissal and if they do not agree with same, they can take legal resolutions. There were numerous forms of exploitation of the Americans especially in line with value of independence and liberty in the fight of the freedom of the unions in the early 1900s. There was poor labor relation and laws, and the employees were under the grace of the employers. Some of the factors that led to these exploited included the wide labor market and the fact that employees in the blue collar jobs were slaves or Africans and this created a disparity in the labor market (Dewhirst and Rausch, 2007). The employees’ voices were irrelevant since the unions were never considered powerful by the then government that saw them as antigovernment movements. Therefore, since the government wanted to depress them, employers took the opportunity to maximize on their returns by offering low wedges and imposing cost control, flexibility, and quality on the products. Additionally, employers made employee to work for longer time without extra payments. There are different form of employment relationship bargains including mandatory, permissive, and illegal bargaining items. The illegal bargaining subjects are usually included in collective agreement and it is usually unenforceable. For instance, if a contract denote that employees are to work three times per week. This does not mean that these employees are to snort cocaine for the rest of the month. Notably, snorting cocaine is an illegal activity (Dewhirst and Rausch, 2007); thus, the company and union are never allowed to involve themselves in such bargains. The permissive bargaining subjects are bargains that

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