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The work of ONE religious agency working for world development Essay Example for Free

The work of ONE religious agency working for homo development EssayAnalyse and explain the work of ONE religious agency working for world developmentDuring the period of the Second World War, thousands of Europeans were do homeless. Seeing that an memorial tablet called the British Churches Ecumenical Refugee Council was set up for help in 1944. Later in the September of 1945, the organisation was named Christian support, and became a part of British council churches. These churches were all non-Roman catholic.Shortly the organisation began support on a wider scale, providing help for more and more less developed countries. It now works for everyplace 60 countries aiming to renovate their lives, by bringing people to the thoughts of helping themselves by getting them to learn and work. Christian aid puts Jesus teachings into practice by helping anyone in need as if they were their neighbours.In order for organisation to be successful and to achieve their aims to its bes t a lot of money is needed. This money comes from many an early(a)(prenominal) fund raisings, such as the Christian aid week.Christian aid week has been known as a nation wide generosity suit that takes place in May each year, since 1957. The towns ar divided up the leader churches, and each house in the selected areas is presented with a Christian aid charity envelope for a week and by the end of the week they are collected back in. These envelopes contain a short story and instruction pamphlet explaining what and where that particular fund is going to be used on. Fund raisings from the year 2000 to 2001 had 22% out 53,143,000 was raised by the Christian aid week.The rest of the 78% was raised up by other incomes such as the general donations (which also provided 22%) legacies (12%), government and other grants(27%), emergency appeals(11%), denominational appeals(2%), and remaining 4% come from other incomes. Many of the extra fund raising events are taken place throughout th e year by churches and individuals supporting events like athletic supporter walks and jumble sales etc.Furthermore, Christian aid has created their own website for people to give donation online, also providing people with latest disaster news, charity events and other information.Christian aid supplies help in two major ways, emergency aid and long term assistance.Firstly the emergency aid, Christian Aid has a disaster fund to deal with natural disasters and refugees these generally take priority over to the long-term aid, as without it individuals can die.Therefore when ever there is a natural disaster, such as a flood, storm, earthquake or a volcanic eruption, Christian aid will respond without any delay. On the incidents as such, the type of help Christian aid provides the victims with first aid, fare and water supply, antibiotics and shelter etc. Recently, the Christian aid has supplied food, water and tents to war refugees of Iraq.Also more recently Christian aid team had t o raise over 320,000 for the current crisis in Ethiopia for up to 12.6million people needing food aid, wanting 1.5 million metric tonnes of food aid in 2003. Further 3million people were required close monitoring.More challenging for the Christian aid team are the long term aid projects that the organisation aspires to end in a success. These projects are mainly aimed for development for the third-world countries, as there are more day to day problems.The projects that they undertake are first carefully studied to find the accurate cause that occurs a particular problem. For instant, if some kind of illness has occurred because of lack of clean water, then the organisation will supply them with clean water and health care and probably give people enough knowledge to cope for themselves in future if resembling sort of incident happens again.Christian aid has funded a group of health-workers who have built a basic drugs factory in Bangladesh, which the country could not soften to im port.More help from Christian aid is taking place in Lesotho where the charity is financing a local Christian agriculture school that is examine the process of how to increase food goods by reducing soil erosions and bringing in new, low-costing and useful farming system.Christian aid spends up to 5% of their reckon on decent educations and churches of Britain about the requirement of development needed in the third world.Further more, for the lack of education Christian aid published a quarterly newspaper called the Christian aid news and various other educational resources. These include the current developments of the world and any most recent projects and their information. The information includes the persuasion for the readers to see the right side, for example, in two weeks the amount of money that is spent on armoury and war equipment to destroy lives is enough to give everyone the quadruplet basic enough food, clean water, shelter and education for a whole year.Christia n aid observe its purposes of helping all sorts of people to help themselves so that they will not have to relay themselves on others. Despite the consequences of religion and race, the organisation helps for improvements in developing countries.

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