Monday, May 6, 2019

Why me Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

wherefore me - Assignment ExampleA s green goddess pinpoints the exact position for incision thus the memorialise can be removed thereafter. When the surgery process sets in, the surgeon has to use a new target tape and trace the anchor points made from the previous target tape. With marks in place, remove the top power grid so that the skin and the exact opening can be located with ease. Using the surgical pen, a surgeon can make corrections and make sure the incision point is marked properly.A thorough market research has been made about the intended market of the product and it was overwhelmingly reason out that there is a real need for the product for variety of reasons. First, surgical operations of which it will be used happen every moment of every day. It follows that the market is huge due to the sheer beat of operations that is made anywhere in the world of which is its use and market.So why me? There atomic number 18 a variety of reasons why I should be trusted. First is I know the business and that second, I have the necessary academic preparation to succeed. While my experience may be limited, my business topic however is revolutionary that has the potential to become big in the near future. The business that I am proposing is grounded on sound economics and sound market research. I did a comprehensive study on the market and discovered that there is an actual and unrealized need for the product that I will be introducing in the market which is the magic tape. All aspects of the business had been inquired and thoroughly researched from the legality of the business to the feasibility, operations and localization of the business. In short, the business is grounded on sound market research which indicates the likelihood that it will succeed in the market. I just need to greatize on this potential by infusion of more capital to grow and serve the market.I am also a person of integrity. I can be trusted with responsibility both in

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