Friday, May 10, 2019

Pricing Techniques Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Pricing Techniques - Assignment ExampleElasticity of ingest for a service or good is net when demand is highest (at peak) and the contrary is true. Price, thitherfore, depends on demand elasticity.An example of peak dispatch price is the case of electricity. During peak, there be uses of power stations that exhibit the lowest bell of operations. Coal-fired stations exhibit low cost of operations and, therefore, most preferable during off-peak demand. Gas and oil-fired stations that have high operations costs are used during peak demand. The marginal cost of electricity production using gas and oil-fired is higher than using coal-fired stations.Peak load pricing principles are developed for the profit-maximizing firm, which is the subject to one or three methods of regulatory constraints (Knieps, 2015). Peak load pricing techniques has a substantial effect on the distribution of price reductions between the peak and off-peak users. under regulation limiting rate of return on ca pital investment the price reduction are received mostly by peak-period users. In contrast, when regulation limits profit per unit or returns on cost, there are price reductions for all

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