Sunday, May 12, 2019

Musical Instrument Museum Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

melodic Instrument Museum Analysis - Essay ExampleHulusi this instrument combines both bamboo and gourd material to produce a reed wind instrument that is played by blowing. It has three pieces but blowing is done in the place piece to produce a pure sound that looks like that of a clarinet. The instrument is widely employ feelings of softness and tenderness. There are many instruments presented in the film that are also showcased in the melodious theater Instrument Museum. The Musical Instrument Museum contains many Chinese musical instruments from the ancient times to the modern instruments that have been incorporated in mainstream music including rock, orchestra, bands, and operas among others. Some of the instruments that are presented both in the films and the Musical Instrument Museum complicate Woodwinds, Double-Reed, Slit Drum, Short-Necked Lutes, Long-Necked Lute, Hammered Dulcimer, Gong, Free Reed, Flutes, Drums, Two-Stringed Fiddles, bells, Hulusi, Xiao, Xiao, Pipa, S uona, Dizi, Guzheng, Guzheng, Banhu, Xun, Flute, Erhu, Dulcimer, Huqin, Hulus, Chimes and Sun among others. The Musical Instrument Museum showcases not only the Chinese musical instruments but also performance of Chinese ancient music featuring traditional melodies and modern melodies. The museum also presents modify Chinese instruments that have been influenced by European and western music. Just like in the film, the museum has organized the contrastive Chinese instruments according to their origin, category and material used to make it.

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