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50 First Dates(2004) Rated PG-13 Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

50 First Dates(2004) Rated PG-13 - Movie Review ExampleIt is then that he realizes that Lucy has a condition of short terms reminiscence loss and that she is unable to remember the earlier day and each individual day.Henry is in love with her and will not give up easy he is ready to win her over every single day for fifty days and makes her fall in love with him. Since she cant remember him every single morning, the story is a amative comedy of Henrys efforts to get Lucy to remember him every single day with the single hope that she would fall back in love with him again.Thither are a few scenes which reveal this transmit in the movies. First is the scene in the movie where Henry (Adam Sandler), makes the video for Lucy (Drew Barrymore). The video includes all the expound of the various events that she missed during the year. Also he delivers the video with a bunch of lilies which he is aware that she loves. second gear is the scene where Henry arranges a get together for Lu cy and her friends. In this scene there is a transcend mention of the fact that Henry tries everyday to make Lucy fall in love with him. This was also mentioned in the scene where Lucys friend was shocked on how Henry would do this on a nonchalant basis just to maintain the relationship and love that he has for Lucy.The communication mode used here by Henry in the video is one which is positive. A video is one of the most beguile modes of communication. As seen in the movie as well, the previous day the fact of the short term memory loss is conveyed by her family to her, however the mode of communication is one which leaves her needing to more proof. The mode of communication pick out by Henry is very positive and he gives out the same information to her in a lighter and less stressful manner. It is however essential to understand that this can also be a little negative for of communication. This is mainly because Lucy is a very happy person and every time her adventure is told to her, she

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