Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Article Rebuttal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Article Rebuttal - screen ExampleThe visible horizons of Mr. Mackey are one dimensional and lack a sense of ethics. His argument is weak since he does not provide any empirical evidence that philanthropy is bad for business.My perspective regarding this issue is the have it away opposite of Mr. Mackey. As a guest anytime I entrance a company donating money to a good cause such as founding hunger I get excited some the initiate. The good deed stays in my mind and when I go shopping if I see any products produced by that company I am inclined towards supporting the firm. The use of social certificate of indebtedness adds value to the brand of a corporation. John Mackey seems to believe that the only purpose of going into business is do money. He fails to realize that each corporation has a different reason for existence. The man that was once the richest psyche in the world, Bill Gates, has donated billions of dollars generated by Microsoft towards social causes. The company is still the market leader in the packet industry. Shareholders do not mind when a company that is profitable shares some of the wealth with the less fortuitous members of our society.John Mackey went as far as saying that donating money towards social causes is stealing money from the investors. This view is completely biased and does not represent the views of the majority of businesspeople in the United States and abroad. I moot that by making these absurd statements Mr. Mackey is the one that is decreasing the shareholder value of the company. As a customer I would not support any company with a management team that has such a greedy perspective in life. There are many problems our global society is facing. The majority of the worlds wealth is not in the hands of the 210 governments of the world. The private corporations have hundreds of trillions of dollars in wealth. Our society depends on the generosity and good intentions of the corporate world. In the United States corpo rations can deduct up to 5% of crystallize income if they

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