Saturday, March 16, 2019

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The Perfect Idea It was a true Alaskan night. The air was crisp and the road was covered with sand and pebbles embedded in the ice. Frost was beginning to form on the frozen green branches of the titivate trees and there wasnt a soul in sight. It was an early sunlight morning two days before Christmas and my best friend David and I had thought of a brilliant idea. I was spending the night at Davids house which was only about a block out from where I lived. As naive eighth grade students, we hadnt counted on getting in as much trouble as we did for a nights worth of fun. It all started when David utter, Bobby, lets go pick up my girlfriend, Justine. My mom should be sleeping now. We mess sneak out the garage door, put the motorcar in neutral and quietly roll it down the driveway. After that, we can push it down the street and start it so my mom wont hear. All right. Can I drive? I asked. Sure, he said. Yeahhhhhh This is so awesome, I shouted as we cruised down the highway cardi nal minutes later towards Justines house. Who is as cool as us, David? I asked with a huge grin on my face.Nobody, he said laughingly as we both smiled without a worry in the world, listening to the freshwater bass vibrations pound on the back seats to the rap music. Where are we difference? I asked ten minutes later after we had picked up Justine.Lets go to the point, said David, which was about fifteen minutes away located on a cliff near Cook Inlet. Okay, I said in excitement.Driving down the road, we spotted a police car on the side of the street with his lights off waiting for someone to ticket. We casually swarm past him following all the laws as we headed towards the point. The point was located on a dead end road, and with our luck, it was already closed for that night. Shoot Its closed said Justine, who was scared because we had just passed a cop. What should we do, David? I said nervouslyLets just be calm and go out the same way, David replied.Are you sure? I asked.Yeah, yeah, hes not going to do anything. Trust me, he said with confidence.Okay, I said, although I knew deep down inside something bad was going to happen.

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