Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Downfall of a Great Teacher Essay -- Interview Essay

The Downfall of a Great Teacher Surrounded by a banding of pupils, Mr. Garrett answered questions, gave instructions, and explained assignments. I slowly approached the circle and stood on its periphery. quaternary age ago, I had been an insider. Now I was an outsider, who peered over the chattering students and slipped into the circle undetected. Old high school memories came rushing back. A few moments passed earlier Mr. Garrett turned to me with a smile. Katie he said, Its good to see you. Ill be with you in just a minute. Turning to a student on his left, he asked her if she understood the assignment. Of course, Mr. Garrett. Your class is easy. Easy? Mr. Garrett? Was she talking near the same Mr. Garrett who had required us to read The Octopus and The Biography of Malcolm X just four years ago? I wondered. Maybe I had not heard her correctly. What I remember about Mr. Garretts eleventh-grade honors face class was the challenge. Good grades were not earned e asily in a class of students concerned about one thinggetting into a prestigious university. That meant earning nothing less than an A. And Mr. Garrett made us work for it. fellowship periods were spent analyzing difficult literature, reviewing and practicing English grammar, and developing our writing skills. Furthermore, Mr. Garretts hike and concern for his students were evident. I may have wondered if I would receive an A in his class, but I never wondered about his dedication and venerate for teaching. Still reminiscing, I took a seat at the back of the schoolroom while Mr. Garrett took roll from a seating chart. Meanwhile, the class busied itself with a periodical Oral Language exercise. The exercise asked students to corr... ...ntial in this area, I explained. I dresst want to move back home and live with my parents. Mr. Garrett seemed to sympathise my explanation. As our conversation came to a close, I realized that it was not Mr. Garrett the someo ne who had changed, but Mr. Garrett the teacher. The observation and interview echoed an important theme in The drum roll Coaster Yearthe need to keep ones teaching cherubic and new and to somehow avoid teacher burn-out. I left my darkened high school feeling melancholy and a bit pitiable a person whom Id admired, respected, and esteemed for many years had come down from his pedestal in one short afternoon. As an experienced and seasoned teacher who now has become a dupe of teacher burn-out, Mr. Garrett taught me the importance of maintaining a crispness in ones teaching and the importance of taking preventive measures to avoid such a fate.

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