Sunday, March 24, 2019

Robert’s Transformation in Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secre

Roberts Transformation in Lady Audleys Secret Robert Audley plays a major role in Mary Elizabeth Braddons Lady Audleys Secret. Robert is the nephew of Sir Michael Audley, and the young Lady Audley is his new step-aunt. The novel follows Robert in his quest to introduce the secret surrounding Audley Court and his friend, George Talboys. Within the first half of the novel, the referee watches Robert transform himself from being happy-go-lucky with no cares at all in the world to a man devoted to his mission and thereby enough a true picture of true Victorian manliness. When Braddon first introduces Robert to the reader, he is completely relaxed. He has passed the bar and is a lawyer, but he never actually practices law. The big expenditure of his time is concentrated on helping George grieve and recover from the death of his wife, Helen. After taking George on a trip to Essex where Robert had planned to introduce him to his uncle, Robert becomes a different man. Before Robert ge ts a chance to make the introductions, George disappears. When he is unable to find h...

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