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Issues of Same-Sex Marriage

6, November 2009 Issue of Same-sex Marriage As the humanness quickly transitions into the twenty-first century, a new set of problems arise and the slew of the world ar faced with chall(a)enges that they pull in never encountered. The majority of world cultures are based around religion and religion comes with many stipulations that are non agreed upon by e very(prenominal)one. In Christian culture, the expose of transvestiteity is a conflict that is currently existence debated. The direct issue is whether or non people of transgender tendencies have the right to share a union that is compar sufficient to that of heterosexual couples.Marriage has been described as a legally fertilisation contract, a object lesson commitment, a change of familial ties, and in some(a) cases, a religious rite. That religious rite is what is world debated. Why shouldnt two homosexuals be joined by the similar kind of race that is accepted by bothone? These unique individuals share the same human characteristics as their heterosexual counterparts, and they hold the same civic responsibilities. Many argue that a same-sex dealingship ruins the sanctity of marriage or is righteously irreprehensible, but the issue of divorce does the same exact thing.Not to mention, the main argument against homosexual relations is people recollect the church has the last word on all moral issues, but after thousands of years, they hold almost no relevance in todays issues. Pondering the idea of same-sex dealings, people strike to examine into consideration the fact that unions between two people does non effect outside parties personally so it should mean next to secret code to them to see two men or two women be bonded by more than plutonic love. The Catholic church has been active for many centuries. In the early years, the church was the ruling party of the lands in ancient Europe.However, as time progresses, the church slowly lost its power and it was merely in that re spect as a support system for its believers. church service theories are cognise around the world, but as time moves ahead, they continue to loose their value. I believe the churches messages are mere suggestions. Due to the fact that the modern countries have spent an enormous amount of time and money shaping their nations into what they look it should stand for apart from churchs principles. The church and its ideals are non nearly as valuable to the modern world.But when dealing with the issue of same sex unions, it is exactly the opposite, people go by what the church says as if the church is the actual g everywherenment. It is puzzling to hear people speak of their single churches and what it stands for, as if that church is the last word on all things of moral impact. Perhaps I am a modernist, but I believe that the government can be the only one to issue judgments upon relationships. The insane asylum of a federal government can actually preside over different aspects o f relationships, including marriage.The government has recorded over thousands of different ways get hitched with couples are given special status under federal law. It is non fair to limit same-sex couples a variety of benefits just because they are gay. Because the issue of same-sex marriage has become a prominent discussion topic, the Catholic Church decided to publish their opinion on the matter. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the creed states, all Catholics are obliged to oppose the legal recognition of homosexual unions (Griffiths, 10).The church so blatantly stating all Catholics should be opposed to homosexual unions is absurd. It offers no solid reason, other than its contradiction to the bible. The bible is a oblige written thousands of years ago, and some might argue that it holds no real evidence of its events being true. In addition, the bible itself contains homosexual activity in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, homosexual pursuits are very evident. One cou ld go as far as to say that the Catholic Church is boarding hypocritical.Joseph fundamental Ratzinger states in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that in every moral disorder, homosexual activity prevents ones own fulfillment and happiness by playacting contrary to the creative wisdom of God (CDF 18). It is unimaginable how the Catholic Church can come to a conclusion such as this, because they hit the sack nothing most homosexualism. All the church sees is the general idea of being gay , and therefore misinterprets the entire culture. With a world as respective(a) as this one, no one can assume they know everything about a topic that they havent experienced for themselves.To generalize that someone is unable to be happy is utterly bizarre because they have no real way of knowing what that person is going through. Charles E. Curran and Richard A. McCormick explain it trounce in their pursuit for homosexuals needs to be incorporated into a wider community, for p hysic- warrantor and intimately being just as the rest of the people in ordering (Curran, McCormich, 345). Homosexuals needs to be accepted into society is parallel with everyone elses, because it gives people security and the feeling of acceptance.Most people are able to achieve acceptance through their community, but when homosexuals strive for acceptance within their community, they are shut exhaust for their orientation. It is not right to exclude homosexuals from normal society just because they are different. Sexuality is a defining characteristic of ones lifetime it carves the path on how one will live the rest of their life. Because sexuality holds such an important place in peoples lives, it should not be able to hold them back in anything they want to do.Of course homosexuality is very different from what was considered the norm hundreds of years ago and therefore still fair a taboo topic, but homosexuality is not a rubber thing. People who oppose same-sex relations are not willing to leave the chance and introduce something different into their lives, and more often than not, it is just an ill at ease(predicate) situation that they are unwilling to face. For same-sex couples to be accepted, we, as a society, mustiness put our judgments aside and experience a world where gay people are able to participate in daily life without being oppressed.I suspect that people would not notice a change from how life is today the idea of same-sex relationships only affect the people who actually take part in such behavior. I honestly believe that homosexuality would not be nearly as big as a problem as it is today, without the influence of the Catholic Church. The church spews out their opinions on all issues, and provide no alternative it is either their way or not at all. Same-sex relations should be positively acknowledged with the rights of every other couple in the world, and not ignored.Work Cited Curran, Charles E. , and Richard A. McCormick, S. J , eds. Readings in Moral Theology. eighth ed. New York Paulist Press. 330-46. Print. Griffiths, Paul J. Legalize Same-Sex Marraige. Commonweal (2003) 10-14. Print. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, garner to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons (October 1, 1986), http//www. vatican. va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_19861001_homosexual-persons_en. html, 18.

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