Friday, February 15, 2019

The Fatal Jet Ski Ride :: Memoir Essays

The calamitous Jet Ski RideWalking down the cold, bloodless, hospital hall, my oral sex was racing a million miles an hour. How could she be dead? Two sight in two days...what are the chances? We rounded the corner, my cousin Daniele holding on to me as hard as she could, me gripping her arm to keep myself in pace. Thither she was, Pam Doan, her body I should say, lying there under that white sheet.Pam, was my cousins best friend, and mine too, for the fourteen days Id been there. Two weeks earlier I had arranged for my boyfriend, Charles, to come pick me up and take me back with him to Bridgeport, nor-east to stay with my Aunt Annie, Uncle Gaylen and my cousins Casey, 18 and Daniele, 15. I arrived there June 23rd, 2002, the day later on my 17th birthday.The first few days consisted of Daniele teaching me how to drive her car, eyesight how I didnt have one of my own there, and she couldnt drive yet. I had neer driven a stick shift before, and it was a pretty unmatched experi ence for the both of us. But once I had mastered it, we legion all over that little town. Just Daniele, Pam and I. Pam was 17 also, looking former to her 18th birthday in November.Our days started r emergeinely. Daniele and I getting up and showering, convincing her dad to take the boat out to the town lakes so we could go tubing and water skiing. Meeting Pam out there and the 3 of us spending all day in our swimsuits getting burning and sore from riding those damn tubes around the lakes. A few trips here and there into town to my aunts mexican restaurant to get some food. then(prenominal) it was back into the shower as we got ready to go out for the night. thither were places to go and people to meet.I met my cousins ex-boyfriend, Aron, and his friend Kyle. then(prenominal) there was Perv, whose trustworthy name I havent a clue. At one social gathering, Daniele and I were having a conversation with a couple of guys, one who was Aaron Houston and the other was Stuart Klassen, who lead always be known to Daniele and I as Possum.Then along came the 4th of July weekend that will haunt me forever. My uncle took their family camper out to the lakes and Daniele and I took turns with her brother, Casey, staying out there.

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