Monday, February 4, 2019

The Cold Embrace Essay -- Creative Writing Essays

The Cold Embrace The night in the metropolis was going to be especially cold tonight. The sky had been overcast for nigh the entire day, leading to a brief although torrential downpour in the mid-afternoon. The streets of the Bronx outside the third-story apartment window that Leonard Jefferson Bennings instantly looked out were saturated from the July rainstorm and shone with a glimmer he remembered assembleing from his bedroom window in mum many years ago. He wondered if he would ever get to see his childhood home again, and, if he did, would the world of his youth stable follow even there? Like the final beams of sunlight of the day, his hope was ontogeny faint as he looked out on what had once been the metropolitan heart of his country. Leonard turned away from the window, looking back into his temporary residence. It was a simple apartment, three rooms, furnished with trappings of a world that now existed only in memory. Strewn about the living room were such memo rabilia as a 1946 Bing Crosby Christmas album, a chess set that looked to be a family heirloom, an change of furniture and coffee tables, and a 1939 globe, showing the way the world had looked in simpler times. Leonard could easily identify each country on the globe, a readiness greatly useful to a high school geography teacher, and could expert as easily identify how few of those countries still existed. South the States was still correct north of Brazil, and most of North America was still as the sphere portrayed it. Europe, Asia, and Africa, however, would require the globe to be in all redone. Leonard had studied the globe many times in his short conciliate in this house, and it never failed to bring him almost to tears. From the couch on the argue far... ...ump. And then, the infinite fall, broken only by the cold embrace of the Atlantic. cardinal minutes since they had left the ammunition room. Leonard floated alone in the water. The other sister had been hit in the shoulder during the jump and had sunk when she hit the water. He was sure he had heard a small explosion on the deck as he fell Christina was dead, as was everyone else by now. Leonard would collaborate them soon. He could do little more than float with the wound in his side. If the explosion happened, he would be too close to escape. If it didnt, he would submerse when he got too tired to float. He looked up at the enthral one last time. As he did, a pillar of brace erupted out of it. In the light it cast, he could see the sky had cleared. The dawn would have sunlight. He took one last, gasping breath, and sank beneath the waves forever.

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