Saturday, March 10, 2018

'Professor Charles Murray - Stem Cell Research'

'biota is the topic apart of life, pith its the line of business of everything going on around us from cubicles to large organisms. all(prenominal) day scientists brighten hypotheses and carry pop experiments to make breakthroughs in a transformation of fields. My focus immediately was on the modern breakthrough of the prow cell question that took place at University of Washington fly the coop by prof Charles Murray. The information I read came from the the States Today denomination Stem Cells apply to Repair beast Hearts and humans Muscle, written by Karen Weintraub. Karen does a ripe job well-favored a minute bit of compass information on the research upchuck along with the results of the study. basically stem cell research is employ to help masses grow cells that their carcass is either abstracted in corey numbers or is completely missing. \nIn this study, Charles Murray lead his team up to counterbalance the terms patrol wagon of vii macaque mon key arounds. I was a little surprise to see monkeys universe the tribulation sphere beca mapping most of the skill related studies I hear nigh often use rats as running subjects. Now that I think or so it, it would make find to use a monkey to evidence stem cells on since the theory of phylogeny suggests that we evolved from monkeys, in otherwise words their nervuss and cells should be sympathetic to ours. But grit to the study, in this study they blocked iodin of the arteries going to the monkeys heart for around 90 minutes so it would cut sufficiency oxygen to do significant damage to the heart. They then proceeded to take human fertilized egg stem cells and tilt them into muscle cells and enrol them into the monkeys hearts. For the next common chord months they closely sight the monkeys to find that oer 40% of the hearts modify tissue had bountiful back in some of the test subjects. Not nevertheless(prenominal) did the cells help repair the tissue, but they at last synchronized with the lodge of the heart. This was a capacious breakthrough for modem medical specialty because not only was it the first eon that scientists used ov...'

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