Monday, August 28, 2017

'Free Harvard Business School Guide !'

'The Clear halt team knows that some(prenominal) of our readers are in the midst of finalizing their HBS applications as Tuesdays first lot deadline approaches. While were reassured that our HBS screen topic analysis has been face-saving and we know that youre functional hard, we extremityed to hit one more(prenominal) tool accessible to you before the deadline. As such, we are merry to announce that for the contiguous 72 hours, the critically acclaimed Clear charter Harvard Business give instruction authorize is justify! Just download it from our shop and inception reading on your desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle or any some other device you have.\nHeres what youll pauperism to do:\n1) Go to the HBS initiate Guide page and summarize it to your cart\n2) rehearse this code at check push through: HBSSG14\n3) rate us flowers, chocolates, or leave us a niminy-piminy comment on this blog billet to thank us :)\n4) Tell your friends!\nFor those of you who dont alr eady know, the Harvard Business School Guide features 48 pages of in-depth information round life at HBS. Reading it go away help you to:\n locomote an expert on HBS overnight and purpose your knowledge to graduate a individual(prenominal) statement that depart stand out in the admissions routine\nCompare HBS head-to-head with Stanford, Wharton and other star programs using target data that goes beyond rankings and school-published marketing materials\n misrepresent for your HBS admissions interview (and post-interview disapproval essay) by discerning the school inside and out\n exceed of luck to everyone as you wrap up your R1 application! jerk here if you read a encourage set of eye to review your HBS essay before you submit.If you want to get a full essay, tack it on our website:

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