Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Scorpions - Sacrificed Innocence

Phase 1\nA quote that I found that sums up the entire book is Its a enceinte life sometimes and the biggest temptation is to let how hard it is be an excuse to weaken.  This quote sums up the invigorated because it embodies how Jamal acted and was thinking throughout the novel. Jamal accepts a gun so that he can part his carriage as attracter of his br other, Randys, old band. He accept the gun because in the novel he feels weak compared to others worry the bully Dwayne and other pieces of the scorpions. tribe were skeptical of the idea of Jamal comely the sweet leader of the scorpions and challenged him. This is the soil for which he got the gun to calm opposition to him becoming the new leader.\nPhysically, Jamal was smaller than Dwayne and some other members of the scorpions. The fact that the principal of his direct is against his attendance and that other kids jocularity at Jamal makes him feel lonely. The besides time he was non scared to fight Dwayne and w on, was in their second fight when Jamal threatens Dwayne menuh a gun. I think that this was to a fault weak because it was the only way he could beat Dwayne, by threatening. The only times I see Jamal acting other than are when he is with his Family. He does everything he can to dish out his mother, and takes care of his sister.\nJamal feels weak or small compared to others in the scorpions gang because he felt he was also young to be the leader and not mount enough. Jamal was not the gang member type, he was not baseless and did not want to scandalise people. As the novel goes on he changes to try to give something to the gang members. Eventually him toilsome to impress the gang members goes too far because he loses his ingenuousness and agonistship with his best friend Tito.\n\nPhase 2\nI chose the song Lil Ghetto Boy  by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg. Some lyrics that meet to the novel are getting a rep as a young hog. It aint nuttin exchangeable the street life. Be tta be strapped wit yo clip, cuz aint no fist fight....

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