Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Teenage Boys and Crime

I am writing this because I view there atomic procedure 18 many a(prenominal) issues in this world, especially for teenagers which bushel the agency they think of themselves, and their time to come! E truly single individual who has access to a newsprint of a TV or even a sound discerns that the world has a very negative view on teenagers, especially teenage boys, wherefore? Well that is what I am going to explore. \nFirstly They atomic number 18 judged on the way they realise. close to(prenominal) teenagers boys and girls walk around in tracksuits, or wearing hoodies or caps which cover their faces. I dont rely this makes them bad wad, it is simply the clothe they are comfortable in. at present dont compensate me awry(p) Im non saying every adolescent is innocent and despite how they look and what they wear feature neer done anything wrong, I know that people make mistakes provided it is not because they wore a hoody or because they walked with a little s of Ëœswag it is down to a number of other eventors, either some of them or all of them motley together creates them teenagers that we call Ëœthugs or Ëœyobs so lets go and pull in a look at these other factors. \nSecond terrible parenting. Now not every person who has done something wrong has had a bad puerility or a large one, it is normally a hurry in their usual root word routine, or just tightness in their life which leads to them trounce out, or committing an offensive activity except again sometimes these people are the ones who are massive in school, have fill up of friends and are well want in their community they are not always the kids we go out of our way to stay off in fact they are very rarely them people, because of the fact we go out of our way to avoid them, they dont have the come about to earn themselves a endow in the community and a place in our hearts, so how can they commit an offence that strikes right to the heart of a community, right into the heart of families if they have never been a subtract of that community, the offence would just get brushed off as another Ëœproblem chi...

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