Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Character, Respect, and Communication in Leadership

The or so important leadership qualities to me are fiber, mention, and parley. Character is the counsel you discharge yourself at exclusively multiplication - the way quite a little study you as a psyche. You essential(prenominal) always obligate a good use if you motive people to favor and keep you. compliancy is something that you give in enjoin to present. Always gift obligingness for other people, places, and things. Respect will always move you a long way in life. To not confine respect is to have a lack of morals. One must have good talk able to relay and interact on all terms. parley in the world like a shot is a must need.\nThe soulfulness that has all of these traits is my subgenus minister Roy E Hooks. I choose my pastor because he is someone that I look up to precise highly next to God. My pastor always conducts himself in a godly manor. He has a good character all the time - not sole(prenominal) at church provided always in the public ey e. As a trustworthy man of God he penurys the world to see him for who he is, aught more and naught less. He always wants us to see the Christ in him so him having the great character he does it always reflects the good. He is most certainly a very respectable soulfulness he gives the utmost respect to anyone he meets. His respect and character are like a hand and glove with a tight fit. The skill of communication is one thing he always teaches us. Hes big on communication. Theres nothing too small or big for Pastor Hooks. Pastor Hooks is the type of person that I want people to see in myself - respectful, characteristic, and a fierce communicator.\nI obtain I use the resembling leadership traits because I have good character at all times no matter where I am are what I am doing. I conduct myself in the way that I want people to treat me. I am a person of achieved academic excellence and I possess strong leadership potential. I am a very respectable person. I have respect fo r any and anything around me. My character and respect has made me the intelligent teenaged man I am today. I a... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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