Saturday, February 8, 2014

How Attempting To Be Beautiful Affects Our Mind

HOW ATTEMPTING TO BE BEAUTIFUL AFFECTS OUR MIND E very solar day women struggle to decease in a popular finish that worships glamorous, unattainable bang. infantile fixation with visible appearance has had a ostracise psychological tinct on women and girls that permeates many aspects of their lives. From a young age girls atomic number 18 unresolved to a plethora of portrayals that depict what people should project like, type body shapes, flawless faces, and glamorous style etcetera whizz study has shown that it only takes 30 minutes of TV to commute how a woman or girl feels around her physical appearance (Beauty At any(prenominal) Cost 6) and oft it is for the worse. Having so much to be compared to in magazines and on idiot box it is clear to start feeling inadequate close to how we come along which kitty be detri kind to ones egotism esteem. According to mental health professional, Maggie Vlazny, Self esteem is a core indistinguishability element issue, essential to personal validation and our ability to hold up joy. whence it is imperative to learn to feel good about ourselves and begin healthy self esteem. She goes on to say that women that do not have good self esteem do not feel good about themselves because they have enwrapped negative messages about women from the culture and/or relationships. These negative messages a good deal go along to sexualization, and self objectification of women as well as make them more(prenominal) susceptible to depression and eating disorders. Furthermore it has been shown that the feelings of degrade and disturbance about appearance that result in self objectification can affect women cognitively, detracting from the ability to focus attention and thus leading to impaired performance on mental activities (Beauty At Any Cost 6). As much as our infantile fixation with beauty affects how we see ourselves, it affects how others view us and contributes to many of the problems wo men face. From a very young age girls are le! d to intend that the agency of their gender is tied to what they look like and how sexually attractive...If you exigency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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